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"Guys. I think we're gonna need a bigger timeship."
Sara Lance

"Tagumo Attacks!!!" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-sixth episode overall. It aired on November 19, 2018.




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"Tagumo Attacks!!!" begins with a scene in 1951 Tokyo of pearl ranchers. In a little while, the gathering is assaulted by a kaiju.

On the Waverider, Ray reminds Sara that Nora may be someone who'd have the option to fix Constantine. Gideon runs a sweep and discovers somebody that resembles Nora in 2018 Star City and Sara advises Ray to go look at it. The PC at that point illuminates the gathering regarding the assault in 1951.

Sara transfers the message to the group and reveals to them they have to venture out to 1951 to recuperate any recording taken of the assault trying to control the open clamor about the circumstance.

Present day, Hank Heywood is visiting the Time Bureau where he's acquainted with a transitory holding cell that is holding the minor animals causing time erroneous dates. On out, Hank welcomes Ava to the Heywood family Thanksgiving supper.

Acting like film makers, the Legends travel to 1951 and move toward the gathering that got film of the ocean beast. The cameraman tells the Legends that the recording was lost in transport. Zari persuades the maker to give her and Mick a visit through the studio while Sara and Charlie look around for the tape.

Charlie finds the reel and the gathering makes a beeline for the Waverider. They play the recording on a television and see that a ginormous appendage raises out of the water.

Ray shows up in 2018 Star City and discovers Nora working at the Renaissance Fair. He shows up to locate an impolite man snapping a photo of Nora's chest. Ray breaks the person's telephone and requests her assistance.

Nate and Ava show up at the Heywood residence for Thanksgiving.

Ray and Nora show up back on the Waverider. Constantine ordinarily opposes Nora's assistance however before long drops.

The Legends show up at Tokyo Bay to have a go at finding the beast and they notice that the movie executive — Mr. Honda — is there tossing fish into the water. After he tosses the fish in, a book flies out of the water and grounds in Honda's grasp.

Charlie sees the book and clarifies that it's an old Celtic book that permits its bearers to transform their creative mind into the real world. The gathering discovers that Honda utilized the book to make a beast to make his movies increasingly sensible. They request Honda to attract another closure an endeavor to dispose of the beast, yet the ink right away vanishes from the pages.

Gary's giving a visit through the Time Bureau to his dinner conveyance companion when he sees that the detainees have broken out of the impermanent holding cell. He calls Nate and Ava and the previous shows up, leaving the last at his family's Thanksgiving.

Nora will not assist Constantine since she'd have to deplete another person's life power to give him his enchantment back. Ray chips away at contriving an arrangement that doesn't include murdering anyone.

The kaiju leaves the inlet and advances toward the studio, where it wraps Sara up in its limb. Charlie's ready to divert the beast long enough for it to discharge Sara, who uses Ray's psychologist firearm to recoil the brute. The arrangement works however the gathering figures out how to forget about the contracted kaiju.

Ray thinks of an arrangement that'd permit Nora to assimilate enough force from the Waverider to finish the exchange of magic once more into Constantine. They start the exchange and it works.

Hank discovers that Nate left Thanksgiving to deal with the animals and he arranges Ava to take him to the Time Bureau. The two come back to the Bureau, and discover Gary, Nate, and Mona eat a supper with the beasts. They're quieted down in light of the fact that they were "hangry".

After an inspirational talk from Mr. Honda, Mick begins writing in the Celtic diary and it acknowledges his composition. He composes a tale about a warrior princess battling the beast and said warrior mystically shows up. The two battle and the warrior in the long run winds up slaughtering the brute.

After the exchange, Constantine has returned to normal and he talks with Nora, who says her enchantment no longer panics her. Ray gives Nora one of the time-traveling gadgets and cautions her to go as far as could be expected under the circumstances, yet she utilizes it to transport to the Time Bureau to give up herself.

Mick keeps on composing the story on his typewriter and Nate, Ava, and Hank return so as to come back to Thanksgiving before they cut the turkey. Hank gets a call and he leaves the gathering. He advises whoever's on the line that the fugitives are controllable and notices to the secretive guest that Project Hades is " a go".


Preparation ran from August 13 until August 21, 2018. Shooting ran from August 22 until September 4, 2018, with a break on September 3 for Labor Day.[1]


  • The episode's title is mostly a reference to the 1996 film Mars Attacks! which in-turn was adapted from trading card game of the same name.
  • When Sara sees the footage of the kraken, she says, "Guys, we're gonna need a bigger timeship", referring to the quote "We're gonna need a bigger boat" from the 1975 film Jaws.
  • When Mona asks what the Time Bureau does (having previously done so, but having had her mind wiped), Gary likens the situation to the 1993 film Groundhog Day.
  • When Ishirō Honda was talking about Hiroshima and how everyone turned to dust around him, he was talking about the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima was the first city targeted by the United States Army Air Forces, they released a nuclear weapon and dropped an atomic bomb on the city at 8:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945, during World War II.
  • After they've eliminated the threat of Tagumo, Mick tells film director Ishirō Honda that "lizards are king", before Honda-san proclaims "The King of Monsters" as a good title. This is a reference to Godzilla, a lizard-like monster who in real life was created by Ishirō Honda in 1954 (three years later).
    • When Ishiro Hindo mentions "King of Monsters" he says Kaiju which means "strange beasts", which includes Godzilla and many other large and usually lizard-like creatures.
  • After they've dealt with the fugitives running loose in the Time Bureau, Hank says, "Let's make like a tree and leave", and Nate says that he's not sure if that's how it goes. This is a reference to the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II, in which Biff Tannen (who is portrayed by Hank's actor, Tom Wilson) mistakenly quotes the metaphor as "make like a tree and get out of here", only to be corrected by his time-traveling older self, who says that it's "Make like a tree and leave".
  • Instead of the usual DC's Legends of Tomorrow logo, the logo of this episode's title card is written in Japanese.
  • Honda explains to the undercover Legends the special filming method he's using to make his film with a miniature set and special shooting angles set up to make the city look huge despite being on a much smaller scale. It's a nod to tokusatsu - literally "special filming" - the term for a genre that makes heavy use of special effects. One of the most common techniques in tokusatsu is suitmation technology, literally someone in a monster suit moving through scale model scenery to give an impression of large size.
  • When the Legends pay Honda a visit, they claim to work for K&G Pictures, a Hollywood movie studio. This makes the second time the fictional studio has been mentioned on Legends. The first was in "Helen Hunt" as the studio that was engulfed in an all-out war with Warner Bros. over Helen of Troy.
  • Honda is first seen directing a woman emerging from the water while diving for pearls. Honda's directorial debut was the film "Aoi shinju" ("The Blue Pearl"), which was the first Japanese film to feature underwater photography.
  • Honda says his nightmares about Hiroshima were the inspiration for the giant monster. This is partly factual, as Honda was plagued by nightmares about his experiences in the Second World War, and Godzilla was inspired by the atomic bombings. It is not however known if Honda dreamed specifically about Hiroshima, and he was a prisoner in China until 1946 and would not have visited the site until well after the bombings.
  • The model aircraft that crashes into the monster is that of a B-29, the plane that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • When talking about the ending of the story that Honda has written in the magical book, Rory suspects that the monster would be thrown into a volcano. This method of destroying monsters was used in at least two of Honda's films: "Rodan" and "War of the Gargantuas". Godzilla was also thrown into a Volcano in "The Return of Godzilla" and Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992) though Godzilla survived both instances.
  • A director is seen choreographing a fight between two samurai, in homage to Ishiro Honda's friend, Akira Kurosawa.
  • Honda hides the footage of the monster inside an artillery shell on his desk. In reality, Honda escaped death when a mortar shell landed near him but did not detonate. He retrieved the shell and kept it on his desk for the rest of his life.