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"A hero in Detroit they call Vixen."
"Mari and I had an animated encounter last year and we've stayed in touch."
Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen seek reinforcements

"Taken" is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-fourth episode overall. It aired on February 24, 2016.



The scene opens with Felicity at recuperation with Oliver and Curtis' significant other, attempting to venture out of the wheelchair because of Curtis' spinal embed. In any case, Felicity can't get her legs to capacity and she lurches once again into the wheelchair. Curtis' significant other enlightens her regarding how all Curtis needed was results when he initially went to non-intrusive treatment for tendonitis, however that these things require some serious energy.

Oliver informs Taiana concerning Reiter's arrangement to slaughter everybody before Reiter gathers them both to look as his arrangements happen as expected.

After exercise based recuperation, Oliver inquires as to whether she's alright. Felicity acts courageously, however she begins to destroy when she says she needed to stroll down the walkway on their big day. Damian intrudes on their delicate second and gives him a final proposal: pull out of the mayoral race by 6 PM on Friday or William gets it. When Damian leaves, Oliver at long last uncovers to Felicity that he has a child.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity is naturally disturbed about Oliver concealing his child's presence a mystery. The remainder of the posse show up at the Cave and get filled in on Darhk's final proposal. As they begin making arrangements to discover William, Felicity discovers that Thea, Malcolm and Barry all think about William as well.

Samantha shows up at Oliver's mayoral base camp, wild eyed about William's vanishing. When Samantha asks what Oliver can do to discover William that the police can't, Oliver reveals to her that he's the Green Arrow. Oliver takes Samantha to the Arrow Cave and acquaints him with the remainder of the group. After Samantha apologizes to Laurel for laying down with Oliver while they were still attached, the group attempts to make sense of how to cut down Darhk unequivocally. Diggle recommends getting Constantine, however he's literally in Hell, so Oliver proposes bring Mari McCabe in. Mari has a mystical emblem that gives her forces, and she passes by the name of Vixen.

In Detroit, three goons escape in dread and fire into the air as they're trailed by a lot of creature clamors. Lady takes out two goons, however Oliver shoots a third when he sneaks up on her. Mari inquires as to whether Star City was excessively exhausting for him, however Oliver concedes that he came to Detroit for her assistance.

Oliver takes Mari back to the Arrow Cave and acquaints her with the remainder of the group. He clarifies that he and Mari had an...ANIMATED experience a year ago and have stayed in contact since. Samantha asks how Mari can discover William, and Vixen clarifies about how her symbol can call the "soul" of any creature. Mari makes one of William's Flash move figures and sniffs it and discovers that he's some place in Star City.

Reiter shows Oliver and Taiana an opening in the mass of a fortification and says that he can feel an "early stage" vitality emanating from it. That vitality out of nowhere has one of Reiter's troopers, making his eyes go absolutely white.

Thea assembles a conference with Malcolm, who's still mopey about losing his hand and the League of Assassins. Thea inquires as to whether he informed Darhk concerning William (he lies and says no) and claims to be harmed that Thea asked him.

Lady begins her quest for William while Oliver and Diggle show at least a bit of kindness to heart about Oliver's freshly discovered parenthood. Diggle informs him not to stretch concerning the past and to concentrate on discovering William. He gives him a motivational speech about protecting his kids.

In the interim, Samantha reveals to Felicity that she was the person who caused Oliver to pick between investing energy with his child and telling Felicity.

Shrub and Quentin arrange the police search, and Laurel concedes that it stings that Oliver pregnant another young lady while they were dating. She gets a book from Oliver saying that they know where William is being held.

Group Arrow breaks into one of Darhk's penthouses, however Darhk uncovers that he simply moved William minutes before they showed up. Darhk discloses to Oliver that he can't win in a battle with him, however Vixen surges in through a window and assaults Darhk. Darhk's enchantment gets the high ground on Vixen from the outset, however she utilizes her own capacities to crush free and battle spirit. Darhk throws Oliver through a window to get away and in spite of the fact that Vixen gets him, she says that she abruptly can't follow William.

The group come back to the Arrow Cave, where Darhk calls Oliver and instructs him to climb his plan for dropping out of the race. Mari says that Darhk must have a hotspot for his forces, and Quentin concedes that he's seen Darhk before an "icon" at his central station.

Reiter secures Oliver with the spooky gatekeeper, however the watchman lets Oliver go as Oliver's side tattoo shines.

Oliver holds his question and answer session and suspends his crusade. He additionally embraces Darhk's better half Ruve Adams.

The following morning, Oliver and Alex get together their office. Alex requests a clarification, however Oliver can't come clean with him. Felicity comes in as Alex leaves and Oliver concedes that he took care of the William circumstance inadequately.

Mari tells the posse that one of her contacts perceived Darhk's object of worship and said that it should be almost a lay line ("WiFi with enchantment") to work. Samantha additionally inquires as to why Damian hasn't returned William. Oliver trusts to Mari that he's stressed that Damian is going to deceive him again and Mari says that Oliver ought to consider letting William go to let him carry on with a typical life.

Felicity follows Darhk to a compound outside the city, however Darhk calls Oliver and says he'll meet Oliver in three hours at Nelson Plaza with William. Oliver approaches Samantha whether they should sit tight for Darhk to convey William or attempt to take Darhk and his deity out, and Samantha reveals to Team Arrow to bring Darhk down.

Group Arrow breaks into the compound, with Vixen, Thea and Oliver facing Darhk legitimately. When Darhk begins power gagging Oliver and Thea, William comes out and advises Darhk not to hurt them. Lady utilizes the interruption to crush Darhk's symbol, leaving him weak and open to a beating from Oliver. The group leaves as the police show up to "salvage" William and capture Darhk.

At the police headquarters, Samantha hands William his Flash activity figure, however William says he needs a Green Arrow figure. In the mean time, Quentin tells Oliver and Thea that William said that it was a man with a missing hand who took William, not Darhk.

After the phantom vanishes, Reiter hands Oliver an electric lamp and instructs him to enter the opening in the divider, which leads into a gigantic cavern.

Outside the police office, Oliver expresses gratitude toward Mari for her assistance and reveals to him that she was appreciative that her folks gave her opportunity by surrendering her for adoption...and the emblem. She advises Oliver to call on the off chance that she needs anything.

Thea stands up to Malcolm about her job in William's vanishing. She discloses to Malcolm she's tired of his falsehoods and that she wants to be her little girl. Malcolm lashes back at Thea and says that he'd preferably her be alive and despise him then dead.

Oliver records a note to William clarifying that he's the Green Arrow and that is the reason he wasn't associated with his life. He says that he was answerable for him moving ceaselessly and that he advised his mom to give him the message on his eighteenth birthday celebration. After he's finished account, Felicity comes in and hands him back his wedding band. She says that she needs space and that Oliver doesn't have the foggiest idea how to depend on his accomplice for help. Notwithstanding, Oliver sees that Felicity's legs have begun working and she incredibly escapes her seat and starts walking...right out the entryway.


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Preparation ran from December 17, 2015 until January 8, 2016. Shooting ran from January 11 until January 20, 2016.[1]


  • John Constantine is mentioned to be (literally) in Hell. However, the circumstances behind this mention are unknown.
  • This episode marks the first live action appearance of Mari McCabe since her animated appearance on Vixen. Megalyn Echikunwoke voiced the character and reprises the role.
    • Oliver notes that his last encounter with Mari was "animated", a punny reference to the duality of their previously heated encounter and the fact that the web series Vixen was literally an animated series.
    • Laurel and Mari are shown to know each other well, later explained by Laurel's appearance in the second season of Vixen.
    • Damien Darhk mentions that he has not seen the Anansi Totem in a “dog's age". It is possible he is referring to his encounter with it in the 1960s in "No Country for Old Dads".
  • Megalyn Echikunwoke was billed as "Megalyn E.K." in this episode.
  • The argument that Oliver and Felicity have about William is similar to the one they had in "Legends of Yesterday". However, that timeline was erased by Barry Allen as a result of time travel.
  • This episode takes place two months after "Legends of Yesterday" and around two days after the previous episode, "Code of Silence".
  • Due to the Legends' intervention in 1992, Zambesi was never destroyed, and thus Mari never became a vigilante in Detroit. Therefore, the events (particularly including Vixen) of this episode were erased from the timeline.