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Talia al Ghul lead a cult of warriors, similar to the League of Assassins.[1] Talia disbanded the group after losing to Thea Queen in a duel for the sword of Ra's al Ghul and its title.


Talia created her cult sometime after she left the League of Assassins. Yao Fei Gulong came to her for training in that cult, who would become in the future as the first mentor to Oliver Queen.


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Talia's cult was located in a monastery (presumably) in Tibet where Oliver came here due to his suspicion about her connection to his foe Prometheus. When he entered, several students attacked him as intruder, but Talia cut the fight when she demanded to speak with him. Talia revealed to him his identity and that she is in alliance with him.[1]

Later on, Talia's cult was involved in kidnapping Felicity Smoak and John Diggle, taking them to Lian Yu, along with other captured members of Team Arrow by the members of Prometheus's team.[2]

When Oliver and his team of former enemies released the captives from Adrian's team (except for Digger Harkness who betrayed them) her group of assassins engaged in combat with Oliver's team. While Talia fought with her sister Nyssa al Ghul, some members were killed by Slade Wilson, many are killed with Digger Harkness by Malcolm Merlyn, while others were incapacitated or killed by Team Arrow. With the exception of Talia, all other members of her cult are (presumably) killed when Adrian detonated the explosives across the whole island after his suicide.[3]

However, Talia was revealed to have survived the explosion on Lian Yu; albeit barely, sometime after, she was caught after facing her old adversary in Gotham City and wound up on "Level Two" in Slabside Maximum Security Prison, but after she escaped from Slabside with Oliver's help, Talia has started to rebuild her cult.[4]

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  • In the DC comics, Talia al Ghul founded an organization named Leviathan after leaving the League of Assassins.