Does anyone else think she was killed abruptly ? I thought she deserved more island time.

A bit I guess, they were trying to show an end of a story arc so I guess she had to go. Plus it explains Slade's antagonism towards present day Oliver. Nep Everything's impossible until somebody does it. 06:47, December 13, 2013 (UTC)

I believe she'll return, possibly pissed at Oliver as well for not saving her.

You gotta be dumb to believe that, she got shot in the head man, plus it was confirmed that she's actually dead Wraiyf You never know when life will hit you hard, but then you hit it back. 11:06, December 13, 2013 (UTC)

I know this is an old discussion but reading what you said WRAIYF I had to respond. Firstly, why to you feel the need to call the person dumb? All they did was state a possibility they have in mind. Secondly, this is a tv series based on a comic book, it is very possible and now very likely Shado will return. Considering as well that Sara mentioned her in such a way as if she was still alive though she had seen her shot in the head. Nothing is impossible in a show where someone is stabbed in the chest (Oliver) or shot in the eye (Deadshot) and then returns from the dead. BorgKnight (talk) 23:05, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

Borg, at that time of the show, Arrow was still grounded, meaning they couldn't explain it if she survived after being shot to the head. Even now I don't think that's Shado in Hong Kong, though I could be wrong.TIMESHADE @fandom |Talk/Wall| - |C| 23:15, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

Oh yes I know that. Just thought it was a bit harsh to call someone "Dumb" just because they brought up the possibility that she could of survived or have been revived someway. BorgKnight (talk) 23:39, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

Requested edit

The page is protected from editing, so I’m posting here to ask for a change. The end of the Biography (Season 2) section could be made less awkward. I would remove the last sentence and end the paragraph with: “… claimed that Shado told him, pointing at his hallucination of her.” It’s not a ghost, and there’s no need to point out that someone else can’t see a hallucination. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Frungi (talkcontribs)

I have no idea if this being entered correctly, but I hope someone reads and it makes the following changes: 

  • Multilingualism: As a native Chinese, Shado speaks that language fluently, in addition to Mandarin and English.

First off, the grammar is peculiar, but that's not my issue. Mandarin is a dialect of the Chinese language - one of two, cantonese begin the other. People don't simply speak "Chinese." So perhaps this could be edited to Cantonese, Mandarin, and Engligh. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Theory about SHADO....

I know this will sound lame but still I would like to share it.

I started watching ARROW few months back , like i followed it quite later since it began, but m catching up & finaly i have reached the 4th season now. But according to me ARROW was quite good back in season  1 and 2, season 3 was somewhat bareable and now lets see what season 4 holds up. I heard they quite killed the whole story development of ARROW by season 4. Anyways that is not the point. Asi Iwas saying , I loved season 1 & 2,especially the island flashbacks. Shado was my favorite and Slade too.

Unfortunately, both are not in the show anymore. What i was thinking is when Oliver and team assumed Slade died, and Ivo and his men captured them. Ivo made Oliver choose between Shado and Sara, isn't it obvious Ivo wouldn't kill Sara, he cared for her like a dughter or something. What Oliver did when Ivo pointed tthe gun towards Sara was that he tried to offer himself instead of her, he would have done the same if Ivo would point the gun towards Shado. And people think he chose Sara over Shado. According to me he cared for Sara and Shado equally. He does for all his girlfriends i guess, lol :D ;)

But it was Ivo's trick, the man was mental I guess, so according to me Oliver tried to give himself in exchange for leaving Sara nad Shado alive. But that SOB of a doctor killed SHADO :( :( :(.


Ivo asked his men to inject MIRAKURU in Shado, or he poured the liquid in his gun and wrapped his bullets with MIRAKURU ( 1 of this) and then shot SHADO.

When Slade came back he killed Ivo's men, Ivo fled. They buried Shado at a far sight on th island along with Robert Queen and Yao Fei's grave. 

OLIVER, SLADE & SARA assumed SHADO died. And later IVO played an emotional string with SLADE b making OLIVER the bad guy on the AMAZO.

 But she was ALIVE, it took time for her to reserrecut unlike SLADE who was reborn immediately.

She  managed to get out f the grave because of her mirakuru strength. She was mentally, physically and emotionally high, she searched on the island for her friends. But she found no one. 

because by that time Sara was drowned, OLIVER PRESUMABLY KILLED SLADE, and Wallers abducted Oliver and took him to Hong Kong.

Shado swam her way back to HONG KONG.  She was taken care by a woman aho lived by te shore, she had a daughter named MEI. Aggression was ruling Shado, she killed MEI and her mother and ran away, she reached some place and started residing there, she had acousion living in the apartment SHADO killed her as well, and never felt the regret, She started calling herself MEI, daughter of Yao Fei and twin sis of SHADO. 

she started meditating and got a control over her aggression due to mirakuru and also with some help of the herb she got from LIAN YU. 

One fine day in the market she bumped into Oliver and Akiro.................

she pretended to be MEI and not SHADO. She stood there quitely when they reached to her appartment and watch OLIVER call himself TOMMY. and look at the picture of yao Fei and herself.

SHe had her emotions all over thwe place, she was angry, filled with hatered , she thought that he chose Sara. she wanted to hit him, she wanted to talk to him, on the other she wanted to kiss him , hug him, ask him what happened in these months, where is SLADE, what happened to him ? But she had it all in her control.

later she saw a tattoo on OLIVER's back...surprised an shocked she called the cops, coz she knew she would kill him and she loved him but didn't want hi m to die.

Later when ARGUS people attacked Oliver tried to explain. She cried and pretended to get a cosure on her father and sister's death, and let OLIVER GO......................

OR she is really her twin Mei and later she knows Oliver lied and she comes back like a badass vilian along with slade to take a revenge ????


What is  Oliver and Shado ship name ?

i know Felicity and Oliver are OLICITY, but just out of curiosity i wanted to know what is the ship name for Oliver and Shado ? I really liked them together, their chemistry was more intense and good. And yes she was killed abruptly, I wish the Wrietes wouldn't had done something like that ?!?!? But if anyone knows tell me about their ship name ? plz ?

Elena salvatorre01 (talk) 07:55, July 14, 2016 (UTC)Elena salvatorre

I'm fairly certain "Gulong" was Yao Fei's title. I doubt it would have been passed on to his daughter. Kagemamoru (talk) 19:25, June 21, 2017 (UTC)

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