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Tammy Fraser is a former model and a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana.


Tammy Fraser Mugshot

Tammy Fraser's mugshot, taken after she assaulted Misaki Ross.

Sometime during or prior to 2009, Tammy became a model. She walked the same runways as Misaki Ross and the two knew each other quite well, often dating the same men. However, when Misaki's career took off, Tammy felt as though she were living in her shadow; suffering from a mental illness and without any coping mechanisms to support herself, Tammy snapped and, in a fit of jealous rage, slashed Misaki's face from ear to ear. While Tammy was indicted on charges of felony assault and served four years in prison, her actions left Misaki's face permanently disfigured; with her career as a model over, Misaki committed suicide in her apartment by overdosing on pills.

During mid-2014, Tammy was released from prison on good behavior and returned to her life in New Orleans. She became employed with a local rehab clinic and an animal shelter, but she was still wracked by guilt for causing Misaki's death. Later that year, Tammy heard of a man named Papa Midnite who could supposedly summon the spirits of the deceased so that they could communicate with the living. She contacted Midnite wishing to ask Misaki for forgiveness, and presumably paid him a substantial amount of money to perform a spell so that she could talk with her. However, Tammy's overwhelming guilt caused Midnite to accidentally give Misaki's ghost corporeal form. Unbeknownst to both of them, the resurrected spirit went on a killing spree, murdering three people before drawing the attention of John Constantine and his team.

After Constantine arrived in New Orleans, he learned of Misaki's identity from Jim Corrigan, and sought out Tammy in order to learn more about how Misaki's ghost started terrorizing the city. He pretended to be Tammy's new parole officer and visited her while she was working at the animal shelter. She recounted the events surrounding her incarceration and Misaki's death, as well as how she had visited Papa Midnite in an effort to get closure. Later, Corrigan brought Tammy to the site of a spell Constantine and Midnite were performing in order to return Misaki's spirit to rest. There, Tammy learned that the only way that Misaki could find peace was if she let go of her guilt. She forgave herself for what happened, allowing the spell to work and Misaki's ghost to return to find peace.[1]