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Tannhauser Industries is a research company owned and run by Carla Tannhauser. It is located outside of Central City.


Around 1999, Thomas Snow sealed himself off in an abandoned Tannhauser Industries black-ops site in the North Pole with the help of Carla, to protect Caitlin and his loved ones from his evil alternate personality Icicle.[1]

In November 2016, Caitlin went to Tannhauser Industries and accidentally demonstrated her ice powers to her mother, asking for help understanding them. Shocked, Carla cleared her schedule for the day and called for Nigel to meet her in the bio-lab. While they ran tests, Carla had Caitlin cool down a super-heated shaft of solid tungsten, absorbing all of the energy. When Caitlin tried to leave, Nigel tried to stop her, however, Caitlin's powers activated once again and she froze his arm. As Nigel fell back in pain, Carla intervenes, managing to calm Caitlin, and promised that she would cover up what happened.[2]

Years later, Caitlin, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon eventually tracked Thomas down to the abandoned black-ops facility owned by Tannhauser Industries.[1]

In 2019, Carla was working late at Tannhauser Industries when her security guard was murdered by Icicle. Carla hid while the villain broke into the lab's cryo vault and made off with the Cryo-Atomizer.[3]

Known employees[]

Current employees[]

  • Carla Tannhauser (owner and CEO)
  • Nigel (research assistant)
  • Jackie (receptionist)
  • Carla Tannhauser's assistant


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