"My husband, the Shay Lamden of Earth-1, was a wonderful man. Now, I have the chance to help another Earth's Shay Lamden, by giving him back his human mind."
—Tanya Lamden[src]

Dr. Tanya Lamden is a marine biologist from Central City and the widow of the late Shay Lamden.


In February 2016, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon came to ask her about her husband so they could locate his doppelgänger.

At some point, Tanya joined Nautilus Laboratories.[1]

After helping Team Flash, Tanya went on to work for A.R.G.U.S. where she would look over King Shark. She even developed a telepathic crown which would allow her to communicate with the human side of King Shark. After some time of working with the meta-human, she would affectionately call King Shark by his first name, Shay.

In March 2019, when Team Flash needed a test subject for the meta-human cure that they recently devised, Lyla Michaels had them meet with Tanya, who explained her recent breakthroughs on working with Shay. They attempted to communicate, when Grodd used his abilities to make Shay take off the crown, and later, with the Flash having to non-consensually inject him with the cure, causing Shay to temporarily regain his human form. After this Grodd would obtain the crown and use it to defeat the Flash and XS. Until Shay volunteered to become King Shark once more. After King Shark defeated Grodd. They both returned to A.R.G.U.S. where King Shark and her would continue to talk and connect with each other.[2]


  • Marine biologist: Like her late husband, Tanya is also an expert in the study of marine life.[1]
    • Ichthyologist: Tanya mainly studies the biology of fish. She uses her extensive knowledge to help King Shark regain his human mind and consciousness.[2]


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