Tanya Spears[1] is a linguistics teacher residing in National City. She is a former member of the Cult of Rao and a former unwilling member of the Cult of Yuda Kal.


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Tanya joined the Cult of Rao at some point after being saved by Supergirl. However she deserted the group after becoming aware of their malicious intents leading her to meet James and Kara.


  • High-level intellect/Linguist: Tanya is an exceptionally capable teacher in linguistics and semiotics; she is able to read and translate Kryptonese to English, a feat which only a few humans could accomplish. Tanya even personally taught Thomas Coville to understand Kryptonese.[1]


Former equipment



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • A deleted scene from "The Fanatical" revealed that Tanya's surname is "Spears".
  • In the Prime Earth comic book continuity, Tanya Spears is Earth-0's Power Girl. She suddenly got her superpowers in the process of Karen Starr, Earth-2's Power Girl, returning to her own Earth. Tanya eventually joined the Teen Titans.


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