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Tanya Spears[1] is a linguistics teacher residing in National City. She is a former member of the Cult of Rao and a former unwilling member of the Cult of Yuda Kal.


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Early life

At some point, her father and brothers were in trouble with the police which resulted in Tanya being aware of the common racism in the police.[2]

Stealing Thomas Coville's journal

Tanya joined the Cult of Rao at some point after being saved by Supergirl. However she deserted the group after becoming aware of their malicious intents leading her to meet James Olsen and Kara Danvers. Later, Olivia and the followers of the Cult of Yuda Kal tried to kidnap her but during a chase, they had a fight with Guardian and a bullet broke his helmet causing his identity to be revealed. When the police arrived, they mistook James as the criminal since he is black and Tanya tried to dissuade them from shooting him but since they don't care, James blinded them temporarily so that they could escape. Later, on a parking lot, she talked about the revelation that Guardian is James Olsen and promises that she won't tell anyone. She also talked about how unfair it is for the police to consider James as a criminal because of the color of his skin. At CatCo, they explain the situation to Supergirl and she revealed that her friend Liza were killed with the new kind of bomb the cult created. James received a message that threatened his identity if they don't deliver Tanya at 17 o'clock. At the D.E.O., she dissuades James from revealing his identity and decided to go to the rendez-vous. Once she is taken in the car, Mon-El, blend as a disoriented person got himself captured. Some times later, she translates the book in order to give Olivia the recipe to create a Worldkiller. Once the recipe completed and that Olivia had been turned into a Worldkiller, she was escorted out of the fight that happened with Supergirl and Mon-El. Guardian than shows up and beat all the goons saving her one more time.[2]


  • High-level intellect/Linguist: Tanya is an exceptionally capable teacher in linguistics and semiotics; she is able to read and translate Kryptonese to English, a feat which only a few humans could accomplish. Tanya even personally taught Thomas Coville to understand Kryptonese.[2]


Former equipment



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • Tanya's surname, "Spears", was only revealed in a deleted scene from "The Fanatical".[1]
  • In the Prime Earth comic book continuity, Tanya Spears is Earth-0's Power Girl. She suddenly got her superpowers in the process of Karen Starr, Earth-2's Power Girl, returning to her own Earth. Tanya eventually joined the Teen Titans.