Tatiana is an assassin and the second-in-command of the Many Arms of Death.


Early life

At some point, Tatiana met Safiyah Sohail and eventually became her second-in-command in Coryana, while secretly falling in love with her.[1]

Meeting Alice

When Catherine Hamilton-Kane took out one of Coryana's defenses, Tatiana and several members of the Many Arms of Death were sent by Safiyah to attack one of Catherine's yachts to teach her a lesson. However, they found Beth Kane, also known as "Alice", onboard the yacht, wearing Catherine's clothes and drinking champagne. Alice attacked Tatiana and her men before she was captured and brought to Coryana. When Tatiana presented Alice to Safiyah, she wanted to kill her, but Safiyah, noticing Alice's rage towards Catherine and inspired by her determination to escape, decided to train her to be a soldier.

As Alice was trained in combat by Ocean, Tatiana noticed Safiyah falling in love with Alice as she shared with her the secret of Coryana's Desert Rose plant, making Tatiana feel jealous. One night, Tatiana witnessed Alice and Ocean making plans to leave Coryana with a Desert Rose before sharing a kiss. Tatiana informed Safiyah who then proceeded to have Alice's and Ocean's memories of each other erased while having Alice's conscience suppressed by Enigma. After that, Tatiana continued to harbor jealously and resentment towards Alice for being the object of Safiyah's affections and trying to leave Coryana with the Desert Rose.[2]

Framing Safiyah

Tatiana's note to Alice.

Because of Tatiana's jealousy of Alice, she had members of the Wonderland gang killed and left a note saying that Safiyah had done it.[3] Later, she sent a note to Alice which insinuated that Safiyah was responsible for the apparent death of Kate Kane when Kate's private jet exploded.[4] Tatiana wanted to make Alice hate Safiyah and stay distant from her; Tatiana miscalculated that Alice would seek revenge on Safiyah for the apparent premature death of her twin.[5]

Abducting Alice and Sophie Moore

Tatiana strikes Alice.

In late 2020, Tatiana ambushed agent Sophie Moore as she was arresting Alice, forcing her to drop her weapon before knocking her out. After acknowledging that she needs to bring in Alice alive to Safiyah Sohail, Tatiana knocked out her as well.[1]

Confrontation in Coryana

Tatiana brought both Alice and Sophie to Coryana and alerted her queen when the women awakened. Tatiana was assigned to baby-sit Sophie while Safiyah met with Alice. All day long, Tatiana answered Sophie's questions about Alice, revealing that she disliked Alice because she took a flower of the Desert Rose from the island, violating Coryana's number one rule.

That night, when Sophie asked why she was there, Tatiana revealed that she wanted Sophie to promise that Alice could traverse Gotham City unfettered by law enforcement. When Sophie refused, Tatiana threatened to kill Sophie, starting a scuffle between the women. Just as Tatiana motioned to kill Sophie, Safiyah stopped the fight, commenting to Sophie that she liked Sophie's tenacity and her fighting skills because Sophie was handcuffed throughout the fight. Tatiana watched as Sophie and Alice were drugged into unconsciousness and dismissed from the island.[6]

Fooled by Alice

When Tatiana went to get Ocean's body, Alice hit her and tied her up, until they talked and made a deal. The two discussed the past of Ocean's and Beth's romantic relationship and how the two lost their memories and love for one another. Afterwards, Alice released Tatiana and she took her to Coryana.[2]

Getting caught

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Tatiana witnessed as Safiyah removed her knife from Ocean's chest and explained to him, now revived, that the knife was dipped in a potion that placed people in suspended animation.

Then Safiyah turned to Tatiana; Safiyah realized that Tatiana had framed her for massacring the Wonderland gang and for being responsible for the apparent death of Kate Kane, in order to make Beth Kane hate Safiyah and stay distant from her. She proceeded to stab her with her knife and said to Ocean that she'll only remove it when she has forgiven her.[5]


Tatiania is proven to have some loyalty towards Safiyah Sohail. As an assassin, she is unflappable and cold as ice in the face of danger. She is one of Safiyah's most important henchwomen and still harbors feelings for her queen. Tatiana has displayed a hatred towards Beth Kane, not only for trying leave Coryana with the Desert Rose, but for being the object of Safiyah's affections as she was secretly in love with her queen.

Tatiana would deny having feelings for Safiyah by saying she was more concerned about the safety of Coryana, although Beth was intelligent enough to recognize Tatiana was in love with the island's monarch. Tatiana openly displays her hatred for Beth and even expresses her desire to kill her at every opportunity, but doesn't as she knows that Safiyah would not be pleased.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As an an assassin, Tatiana is in top physical condition, as she was able to quickly ambush Sophie Moore, faster than she could react, and knocked out Sophie and Beth Kane with one hit.[1]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Tatiana is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; as she was able to overpower and nearly kill Sophie.[6]
  • Master swordswoman: Tatiana is a highly skilled swordswoman.[1]
  • Master of stealth: Tatiana was able to to sneak up on Sophie and hold her at sword point.[1]


  • Sword: Tatiana carries a sword resembling a katana as her main weapon of choice.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • The cast calling name for her was The Whisper.[7]
  • In the comics, Tahani is an assassin employed by The Many Arms of Death, a group of arms-dealing terrorists that Alice is also a member of. She is also the former lover of Safiyah Sohail and an enemy of Batwoman.


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