For the team's successors in the future, see Canaries (Earth-Prime).

"Thank you all for coming, some on very short notice. Oliver made the ultimate sacrifice for his friends and his family. Now a part of his family needs our help. This is our most important mission. Suit up."
John Diggle[src]

Team Arrow was a vigilante team who operated to protect Star City. It was founded and led by Oliver Queen until his death in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the team was led by John Diggle. Following Oliver's funeral, Team Arrow decided to disband and move on with their lives since the city no longer needed vigilantes.


The original team members, Oliver Queen and John Diggle.

In 2012, the team consists of Oliver and Dig. They worked together in order to finish Oliver's crusade of using his list to take down those who were poisoning the city. However, Oliver's method of vigilantism killing the people made John to disagree. Later, he faced John Byrne and eventually sparing his life. [1] They then faced off against an event called The Undertaking in 2013.[2]

Oliver and his sister, Thea Queen, were taken captive by a villain of Oliver's known as Slade Wilson. He wished to kill his mother, Moira Queen, but Oliver had broken free and knocked him out. Stopping Slade from completing his revenge. The team had then battled against an army put together by Slade to invade Starling City. Roy Harper officially joins the team as Arsenal around the time of this invasion. In 2015, Laurel Lance and Thea later joined the team as the Black Canary and Speedy respectively.[2]

Curtis Holt, Rory Regan, and Rene Ramirez then joined the team in 2016. Where Rory leaves it after his mystical rags stopped working. The rest of them continued on with Oliver's mission.[1][2]

During the Crisis, the team was given with their memories of their original multiverse self and worked with other heroes to fight against the Anti-Monitor and the Shadow demons.[3]

Diggle telling the team to finish Oliver's crusade.

After Oliver's death in the Crisis, all of the members returned to Star City to attend his funeral, however, William was kidnapped by John Byrne, the team suited up once more to save him and finished their one last mission. Later, Diggle, Dinah and Rene turned off the lights of the Bunker, officially disbanding the team.[1]

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