Team Citizen is a self-titled group of reporters working for The Central City Citizen.


Dr. Light would have killed Iris West-Allen in the office of the newspaper where Team Citizen was meeting if Cecile Horton had not sensed the presence of the assassin and told everyone to take cover.[1]

Pretending to be reporters wanting an interview with Tina McGee, "Iris" and "Kamilla" went to Mercury Labs to steal the Prismatic refractor, but Sunshine arrived and disrupted their plans.[2]

Pretending to be reporters wanting an interview with Ramsey Rosso, "Iris" and "Kamilla" went with "David Singh" to A.R.G.U.S. headquarters; the press could interview the facility's prisoners.[3]

Upon learning that "Kamilla" and "Iris" were reflections, Allegra, who had just returned from the office seeking if there were any clues on getting her friends from the Mirrorverse, wondered in a conversation with Barry if she was the leader of Team Citizen.[4]

After an argument with Barry, Iris leads Team Citizen to search for the Speed Force. They find Psych instead and he attacks them. The team gets to flee when Psych blinks out of existence for a moment.[5] The next day, Team Citizen researches the early life of Psych's civilian identity.[6]

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