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"One thing I do know about Team Flash is, they'll find a way."
Joe West[src]

Team Flash is a vigilante team operating in Central City. The current members are Barry Allen/The Flash, Iris West-Allen, Caitlin Snow, Joe West, Cecile Horton, Allegra Garcia, and Chester P. Runk.


Team Flash's goal is to capture meta-humans who use their new-found super powers for evil intentions. They also fight against crime in the name of justice. Team Flash helps the Flash on missions and gives him info on where he needs to go next and what is going on there. Their main goal is protecting Central City and its citizens. However, Team Flash sometimes helps surrounding cities, usually Star City, National City, and beyond with their criminals and threats.


Previous missions

Photo of the original members of Team Flash.

The team was formed by Barry Allen after he gained the power of super-speed with the goal of stopping meta-human criminals in and around Central City. Their main base of operations is S.T.A.R. Labs. When Barry first became the Flash, Joe tried to talk him out of it, but Barry didn't listen and proved to Joe that he could make a difference.[1] The team was initially comprised of Barry, Cisco Ramon, Dr. Caitlin Snow and Dr. Harrison Wells.[2]

The team fought a number of meta-humans including Hartley Rathaway. In one fight with Rathaway, Barry accidentally put one of Hartley's henchmen, Roderick Smith, into a coma when he threw a lightning bolt at a sonic beam that was created by Hartley's gauntlets.[3]

Eventually, it was revealed that Harrison Wells himself was the Reverse-Flash and that his real identity was that of Eobard Thawne, a speedster from the late 22nd century who murdered the real Harrison Wells and stole his identity. He also turned out to be the one who killed Nora Allen.[4]

At some point, Team Flash fought Mirror Master and neutralized his powers using coldness.[5]

At some point, Team Flash fought Roy Bivolo and used a prismatic light grid that Cisco built to reverse Bivolo's whammy effects.[2]

At some point, when Barry went into the Speed Force for the first time, Iris took over as the leader of the team.[1]

Team Flash fought various villains over the years. When they battled Clifford DeVoe, the MAD 2.0 was used to enter his mind. Cicada was defeated by Barry and Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris West-Allen's daughter from a possible future. Nora was taught how to use her speed by Eobard Thawne which caused so much tension within the team[4] that Barry, at some point, sent her into the future without consulting Iris.[6] Bloodwork is a foe who left a lasting impression on Barry[7] as he created monsters[3] and believed that he was a hero.[8]

War against Black Hole

After the Crisis, Team Flash started investigating all of the changes caused by the crisis. However, an investigation into a mysterious organization by The Central City Citizen caused the secrecy of Black Hole to be endangered and the organization planned several attacks on the members of the Citizen.[9] After the attacks, Team Flash decided to help the Citizen expose and defeat Black Hole.[4] An immediate problem was liberating Iris, Kamilla Hwang, and David Singh from their imprisonment within the Mirrorverse by Eva McCulloch.[3] Team Flash eventually agreed to protect Joseph Carver from Eva with the hope that he would help them free their teammates and friend from the Mirrorverse. However, in a fight with Eva McCulloch's team, Eva succeeded in her mission and killed her husband.[10]

Team Flash vs. Mirror Monarch

A more immediate problem for Barry was the death of the Speed Force;[7] slowly losing his powers, Barry began to question his role as team leader, as he worked constantly to create an Artificial Speed Force machine.[3] Harrison Nash Wells ultimately sacrificed himself in order to power the artificial Speed Force, which restored Barry's powers.[11] However, the artificial Speed Force caused Barry to lose his emotional response and he damaged the Artificial Speed Force machine when that loss of emotion caused him to harm Iris when he retrieved her from the Mirrorverse.[12] Team Flash's war with Black Hole came to an end after Eva destroyed the organization and later returned to the Mirrorverse.[13]

Forces against them

Team Flash discovered that the Speed Force still existed within Iris and they used that energy to restore the Speed Force, thereby restoring Barry's powers. However, when the team restored the Speed Force, they also unknowingly created the Strength Force, the Sage Force, and the Still Force.[13][14] Team Flash battled the hosts of these forces, Fuerza[15], Psych[16], and Deon Owens[14] with the Speed Force by their side until it turned on them because Barry was siding with Iris instead of it.[17] Barry came up with a plan to wipe the new forces out of existence in order to protect their "avatars" from the Speed Force. However, when he time traveled and saw the "birth" of the new forces, he decided to not go through with his plan.[18] Ultimately, the Forces of Nature, Barry, and Iris came together as a family, with the forces deciding to live in the Speed Force's version of the West house.[1]

The Godspeed war

Barry and Iris alongside Team Flash's speedster allies.

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Reverse-Flashpoint timeline

Team Flash in the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline.

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Unknown fire meta mystery

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