Team Flash is a vigilante team operating in Central City. The current members are Barry Allen/The Flash, Cisco Ramon, Joe West, Cecile Horton, Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man, Harrison Nash Wells, Chester P. Runk, and Allegra Garcia.


The team's goal is to capture meta-humans who use their new-found superpowers for evil intentions. They also fight against crime in the name of justice. The team helps the Flash on missions and gives him info on where he needs to go next and what is going on there. Their main goal is protecting Central City and its citizens. However, the team sometimes helps surrounding cities, usually Star City and National City, and beyond with their criminals and threats.


Year Six: War Against Black Hole

After the crisis, Team Flash started investigating all of the changes caused by the crisis. However, an investigation into a mysterious organization by The Central City Citizen caused the secrecy of Black Hole to be endangered and the organization planned several attacks on the members of the Citizen.[1] After the attacks, Team Flash decided to help the Citizen expose and defeat Black Hole.[2]

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