The techno-wizards are a group of criminals who utilize technology from the 64th century to give the illusion of performing magic.



The techno-wizards were formed at some point prior to the year 6345. The group's goal was to excite people with "magic". However, since the technology they used was common in their era, not many people were impressed. This soon led the techno-wizards going to extreme measures to force people into believing in magic. As a result, the group became the only criminals of the 64th century since everyday crime had since been extinguished.[1]

Fight for title and leadership

At some point before 6345, the techno-wizards started disputing the leadership of the group since all the members wished to gain the renowned title of "Abra Kadabra". Abhararakadhararbarakh eventually won and became their leader.[1]

Facing the Flash

In 6345, a member of the techno-wizards known as Hocus Pocus decided to travel back in time to gain admirers with his abilities since they would be unfamiliar with his tricks. Arriving in the year 2016, Pocus tried to defeat the Flash in order to frame him and masquerade as Central City's new hero. However, Pocus failed and was imprisoned in the pipeline.[2] Afterwards, the Quantum Police secretly teleported Pocus back to 6354, where he was tried and imprisoned.

Later after Abra Kadabra escaped from the Flash, he broke Pocus out of prison. Pocus and Abra argued over who was fit lead the techno-wizards. Pocus stated he pretended to defeat the Flash and managed to earn applause from the 21st century, to which Abra revealed that the Flash had arrived in the 64th century. While still arguing, the duo were joined by Voila and Citizen Ali. When the argument escalated into a battle, Voila joined Pocus' side and Citizen Ali Abra's. However, the Flash interfered. After knocking out Ali and Voila, he fights Abra and Pocus. Pocus was able to mind control the Flash and use the speedster to take down Abra, leaving the latter with no other choice but to give Pocus the mantle of "Abra Kadabra". When Pocus was about to kill the Flash, the Flash managed to overpower and defeat Pocus, transforming him into a wooden puppet. Pocus, Voila, and Citizen Ali were arrested but Abra Kadabra's fate remained unknown.[1]

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Former members




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