Ted Daniels (died 2013), also known under the aliases Rick Matheson and Rob Serling, was a corporate spy. His name is on "The List".


At Queen Consolidated, Ted approached Felicity Smoak in the IT department, posing as an employee from Applied Sciences, to help her out on a work-related task. That night, he asked her out to dinner and she accepted. At the restaurant, he complimented Felicity's computer skills and was in disbelief that Queen Consolidated was unaware of her talents.

After dinner, they headed to Ted's loft, where he asked Felicity to help him remotely access his computer at Queen Consolidated, claiming he needed to get some work done. Felicity was able to get him into the company's basic functioning system. He wished to go further, but Felicity refused. Annoyed, Ted pulled a gun on her and tried to threaten her into hacking Queen Consolidated while his associates entered the room. The Hood intervened and defeated Ted's men. Ted attempted to attack him, but was quickly overpowered and fell out a window with Felicity in tow. Felicity dangled from the windowsill as Ted held onto her ankle, but he lost his grip and fell to his death from the skyscraper.[1]


  • Master of deception/Manipulator: A master of corporate espionage, Ted had excellent skill in deception, having duped many individuals/organizations during his career.[1]
  • Skilled Marksmanship: Ted was skilled in using guns.[1]
  • Network: As a corporate spy, Ted had many contacts.[1]




Behind the scenes

  • One of his aliases, Rick Matheson, is likely a reference to Richard Matheson, a writer, penciler and inker for DC Comics.


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