Ted Preminger is an archeologist that works at the Central City Museum. He is the former mentor of Barry Allen.


Early life

When Barry Allen was in college, Ted was his archaeology professor but due to his father expecting Barry to do something else, Barry left his class at 19 to study police science which makes him sad at the point that Ted didn't speak to Barry in ten years.

Showing the Mask

Ted was put in charge of keeping the Death Mask of Rasputin and he was counting on his success to save the museum. But knowing that a gang of thieves may want to steal it, he collaborates with CCPD to keep the mask in the museum and meet Barry again. While they still talk, he acknowledges Barry "Accident" in the lab and introduces him to his new PR person, Celia Wayne.

Later, after Ted learned that the Mask will quit the museum because Stan Kovacs Barry finds Ted in an exhibit room and talk about how he is counting on the revenue of the Mask to refurbish the entire ring but Barry explains that his effort wasn't wasted on him and shakes hand to apologize.

Later that night, Ted find Celia with the Mask and is shocked to see that she was part of the gang but Celia says that she works as hard as him to get it to the museum but before she can shot him for being on the way, Barry shows up and handcuffs her and Ted happy to see his former favorite student saving the museum, put his hand on Barry's shoulder and realize that he is bleeding Before fainting, Barry asks him to call Tina.

The next day, Ted shows Shawn the exhibit and Shawn was glad to see it, and went outside to see Barry and Tina, Shawn ask him if he can stay longer in the exhibit to which Barry agrees.[1]

In 2018, The Monitor invaded Earth-90 and seemingly killed all of its residents. Because of that, his fate remains unknown.[2]


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