Teddy Reston, also known by his alias Jack, was a bank robber and a member of the Royal Flush Gang. He is the youngest son of the late Derek Reston and Mrs. Reston, and the younger brother of Kyle Reston.


Born to a couple of Derek Reston and Mrs. Reston, Teddy Reston had become a robber at a relatively young age when his family turned to a life of crime after Derek lost his job at Queen Industrial Inc..[1]


Teddy is dedicated to his family and rarely had conflicting opinions with his mother, father, and brother, usually leaving for them to decide what should he do exactly. He was a little bit more afraid to participate in the robberies than his family members but did it anyway.


  • Skilled marksman: Teddy had some skill in carrying the firearms.
  • Safe-cracking: Teddy was the safe-cracker of his gang, using a power saw to cut the safe doors.


  • Zastava M70B1 assault rifle: Teddy carried this assault rifle as a bank robber.
  • Hockey mask: Teddy wore a hockey mask with an ace playing card print to conceal his identity during bank robberies.
  • Power saw: Teddy used a power saw to cut through the vault doors of safes.



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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Jack (usually of Spades, but might use other card colors too) is a legacy name used by members of different iterations of the Royal Flush Gang.


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