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"Batman was praised and revered, but Bruce Wayne, not so much. No one knew the man beneath the cowl. You didn't let them in, Bruce, for good reason. Because even the people we love are still people at the end of the day. They act out of fear, pride, hope, pain, and sometimes, they let us down. But you know better than I do that no one can be a lone wolf forever. I have to let people in, even if it's just one person and one small piece of myself at a time."
Kate Kane

"Tell Me the Truth" is the seventh episode of the first season of Batwoman, and the seventh episode overall. It aired on November 17, 2019.



Kate contemplates how Bruce kept his identity as Batman all alone.

At an Italian restaurant called Alessandro's, a sniper targets a businessman. Batwoman comes in behind him and snags him with a line, hanging him from the rafters. He fires at her and manages to cut his line. Down below, the Crows arrive and secure the building. Sophie finds Batwoman walking away, trains her gun on her, and says that Jacob needs to know that Batwoman is Kate. Batwoman asks if she trusts her and then takes off on a line. Tyler comes over, and Sophie tells him that Batwoman just took off without talking to her.

Inside Alessandro's, a blonde woman with a British accent reports that the Rifle has made his way to Gotham.

The next day, Vesper Fairchild talks about how Batwoman thwarted the Rifle's third attack, since there were two other successful attacks in that same week. On the Gotham City Channel 8 news, the headline reads Batwoman saves the day. The restaurant’s owner is shown saying that without this city’s hero, their doors would be shuttered. He says to the newsperson that if Batwoman is seeing this, that she’s welcome for a free meal at Alesandro’s anytime.

At the Batcave, Kate is shadow-sparring. Luke comes out to say that he learned Jacob filed for divorce. He asks if Kate is okay, and Kate says that she isn't losing sleep over the fact that Catherine preyed on Jacob's grief and convinced him that she was crazy for thinking Beth was still alive. Luke reveals that he didn’t get any sleep the night before since he was combing through the list of everyone who was at Alessandro’s for dinner. He found out that the last two victims of the sniper both worked for Catherine’s companies. Now one of Alessandro’s dinner guests, as it turns out, works for Pyra Electrics. This aforementioned company makes all of Hamilton Dynamics’ conductors which, following the pattern, makes Derek Holcomb the target.

Kate admits to Luke that she thinks Sophie is going to be telling Jacob about her being Batwoman and explains that if she does, then he'll shut them down for sure. Luke asks if Kate can trust Sophie. Kate says that she used to trust her. Luke advises her to convince Sophie not tell Jacob who she is.

At the Crows HQ, Sophie tells Tyler that she needs to talk to Jacob about something and wonders where he is. She promises that, as her husband, he will be the second person to know. Tyler checks the surveillance footage and finds video of Sophie and Batwoman together. He asks if Sophie is working with her and knows who Batwoman is underneath the cowl. Sophie lies and says she doesn’t. She claims that she just told Batwoman to surrender. But it seems like Tyler doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile Mary and Catherine are in their limo, and Catherine says that Jacob is upstate and couldn't attend the divorce proceedings. Mary mentions how Kate bailed, and if she knew attendance was optional, she wouldn’t have come herself. That she’d much rather be anywhere else but stuck in a confined space with her mother. Mary goes on to say that she is very angry at Catherine because she feels as though she is losing her sister. She mentions how Kate and her finally started to have a connection after five years, but now she hates Mary because of Catherine. Catherine gets a text that a coil accelerator went missing, calls the lab, and learns that Dean Deveraux was killed.[1]

That night, Luke learns that Holcomb is at one of Hamilton’s labs and tells Batwoman about it. He picks up two heat signatures nearby, and a woman attacks the Rifle. Batwoman snares the Rifle's legs as he runs, and the woman tells Batwoman that she'll be bringing the Rifle in. She attacks Batwoman, and they fight as the Rifle escapes. Batwoman drops the woman, who removes her mask and says that she recognizes Kate's strike because she taught it to her. Batwoman recognizes the woman as Julia Pennyworth and asks who the Rifle is and why Julia is in her city.

Holcomb escapes and walks through an alleyway but is ambushed by Mouse, who kills him by stabbing him multiple times. Alice steps out and applauds him for killing Holcomb as she requested. The Rifle is there and says that he's killed two men for her, but Alice isn't impressed. Mouse explains that the three scientists were the only ones who knew how to make the gun. Now that they’re dead, the aforementioned gun has gone up in value because it’s one of a kind. Alice aims the gun at the Rifle and tells him to give her what his boss promised. The Rifle says that his boss isn't going to give Alice anything until he knows the gun works, and Alice shoots it through a nearby wall as a demonstration before leaving with Mouse.

At the Batcave, Julia says that her agency assigned her to the Rifle eight months ago. She's been tracking the Rifle across the world and congratulates Kate on following in Bruce's footsteps. Luke comes in and greets Julia, and the two of them hug. Julia calls Luke a chip of the old block after he says he’s holding down the fort. She suggests the three of them should team up to take down this gun for hire, but Kate notes that when she first met Julia, the other woman was pretending to be a krav maga instructor to get close to her on Bruce's instructions. Kate isn't thrilled even when Julia says that she got close to Kate on her own feelings and tells Julia that she’ll pass on the two of them working together.

Years earlier, on the cusp of graduating from Point Rock Academy, Sophie goes over the statement she's been told to write disavowing her homosexuality. Kate says that they should tell the truth, and Sophie warns that they'll kick them out of the academy. Sophie worries about her future disintegrating before her very eyes, but Kate says that they did everything there together and they can get through it if they stay united. They agree to tell their superiors the truth.

In the present, Sophie gets a text from Kate on her computer and tells Tyler that she has an errand to run. He wonders if it's Batwoman, and Sophie says that she'll tell him everything when she gets back.

Kate is eating at Alessandro's, and Sophie joins her. As Kate starts to explain, the owner, Alessandro, comes over and tells Kate that they have a dress code. He invites them to go outside, but Kate declines his invitation. Alessandro asks her to avoid a scene, and Kate figures that he's homophobic. So she threatens to call Mary, loudly saying that with her 3.5 million followers at her step-sister’s disposal, one snap from her, and she will shut this place down faster than the owner can say, “gay people make me feel uncomfortable!”. The owner gives up, but Kate gets up and says she has changed her mind about eating at this establishment after all. Sophie follows her and complains that Kate is being too forward, to which Kate says she wasn’t going to go in the closet because of that jerk inside. Sophie then admits that she was going to tell the truth at their hearing when they were facing expulsion for engaging in homosexual activity, but she got a second opinion.

In a flashback, Jacob sits down with Sophie at Point Rock and asks if her mother is coming for the hearing. Sophie says that she asked her superiors not to invite her and says that she and Kate are going to stick together on the matter and tell the truth. Jacob advises her to do whatever she needs to do but warns her that she won't graduate if she doesn't sign the letter of denial. Sophie asks if he said it to Kate, and Jacob tells her that Kate will do what she does no matter what he says. He calls his daughter fearless, passionate, and reckless. However, he figures that today will be Kate's last day at Point Rock. Sophie notes that it will destroy their relationship if she lies, and Jacob tells her that he can't make the decision for her and leaves.

In the present, Sophie says to Kate that Jacob opened her eyes to reality, and that because of this, she graduated and made money for her family. Jacob also handpicked her to join the Crows, and that it was worth it. Kate points out that Sophie has had it all in exchange for tossing her to the side and walks away from her.

Later, Sophie tells Tyler about almost being expelled from Point Rock for dating a chick. Tyler wants details, and Sophie says that they were together for three years after meeting their sophomore year. She mentions how their dorm rooms were in the same building. She admits that the relationship wasn't significant, and Tyler says three years is longer than any relationship he’s had outside of Sophie. He asks his wife why she didn't tell him. Sophie explains that her mother doesn't know, and he’s met her after all, so he knows how she is. She confesses that in the end, she just wanted it all to go away. Tyler asks if her thing with Kate has gone away. Sophie doesn't answer, and Tyler walks away, getting the confirmation he needed.

Luke and Julia talk about how Julia and Kate met. Kate comes out, and Julia tells her that they found Holcomb's body. She says that she didn't tell Sophie and figures that Sophie is loyal to Jacob. To stop Jacob from shutting them down, Kate has a plan and opens the passage to the Batcave. Mary comes in and sees them. Mary almost finds out Kate is Batwoman when she sees the hidden door to the Batcave opening. However, she thinks it's safe and is there because she wants to talk to Kate about their family's implosion. Kate introduces Julia as her assistant and tells Mary that right now it isn't a good time. Mary wonders if Kate cares about their parents' divorce and wonders if there's any point to her trying to hold the family together.

Jacob goes to his office and pours himself a drink, and Catherine comes in. She says that the Rifle is killing the scientists who designed the coil accelerator gun. Catherine explains that a microspectrometer can track the gun's electromagnetic radiation, and Sophie comes in and says that ARGUS lent them micro spectrometers for testing one month earlier. When Jacob complains that he didn't invite Sophie in, Sophie asks for a minute alone. Once Catherine leaves, Sophie tells Jacob that Kate is Batwoman and they need to stop anyone trying to kill her.

At the Wonderland Gang's hideout, the Rifle brings Alice a case containing what she wanted. The Rifle takes the gun and tells him to send Batwoman her love.

Sophie and her team break into the building the microspectrometer led them to.

When Kate tells Sophie that Point Rock doesn't want her, Sophie says that she doesn't have the luxury of being offended by that. She suggests that Kate keep her distance from her, and Kate offers to walk away if Sophie tells her that she doesn't love her. Sophie tells her that she doesn't and leaves. Inside, Sophie finds an officer removing Kate's sharpshooter medal from the trophy case. She tells the guy that Kate didn’t even try. Sophie goes onto say that Kate was so hungover from tequila shots the night before, it was insane she was even handed a gun. But that she still managed to be the best. Out of 200 other cadets, she hit the target dead on every time because Kate Kane doesn’t waver. Sophie goes on to say that Kate did more for this school than anyone who’s ever gone here, and she goes on to say that they can scrub Kate’s name from every plaque, roster, and banner, but that they’ll never erase her or the effects she had on the people here.

Meanwhile, at the Crows HQ, Catherine approaches Jacob and asks what Sophie wanted, and Jacob says that it's complicated. His wife says that they handle "complicated" better than anyone she knows, and she gave Jacob a place with the Crows to channel his pain into power. Catherine says that they can do anything as long as they do it together, and Jacob smiles.

Sophie tracks the signal to an apartment and finds Batwoman there. She tells Batwoman to get out, and says that if she could do it again, she would have left Point Rock with her. Sophie explains that she told Jacob about her secret identity to keep Batwoman from being killed and takes Batwoman's hand. Just then Kate comes in, and someone shoots the coil accelerator gun at "Batwoman", blasting through her Kevlar costume and stunning her.

Sophie tells Kate about the weapon and how it's designed to pierce through the suit. Then, the Crows pull up and grab the stunned Batwoman, who is Julia in disguise. Jacob tells them via the radio to bring Batwoman to him. Outside, the Rifle looks at the coil accelerator he's holding.

Kate grabs Sophie's radio, drives after the Crows truck, and tells Luke to track the suit's GPS. He directs her to intercept the truck, and Kate shoots out its tire. It flips, going off the road, and the helmed Kate takes out the Crow men as they emerge from inside said truck. Once they're unconscious, Kate frees Julia and admits that she doesn't know why the gun failed to kill Julia but is glad she’s alright.

The Rifle tells Alice that the gun didn't work. Alice notes that everyone who could fix it is dead, and the Rifle warns that Sofiyah is going to be pissed. After Alice hits him, telling him to never mention her name, the Rifle warns Alice that Sofiyah is unforgiving and leaves. Alice looks at the power cell that she secretly removed from the gun and says that there's nothing she wouldn't do to protect Kate.

Kate checks Julia's broken ribs and tells her that they're even now. Julia says that she understands why Kate doesn't trust people and apologizes for not being honest with Kate back then. She explains that Sophie still loves Kate, and Kate still loves her as well. Luke reports that Alice killed Holcomb, and Kate wonders why Alice hired the Rifle to kill everyone knowing about the gun and then protected her. Julia tells Kate that her agency got word that the Rifle is heading to Santorini, which is in the Mediterranean, with the gun, and Kate tells her not to get herself killed. As Julia goes, she says that Bruce never trusted anyone other than Lucius and Alfred. He's disappeared for four years and no one cared, and Julia tells Kate that in her opinion, that isn't a good thing.

Somewhere in Gotham, Kate is inside a building, and Sophie comes in and says that she heard a marksman took out the Crow's van. Sophie says that she told Jacob she was wrong about Kate being Batwoman, and Kate explains that she invited Sophie to dinner to try to clear things up. She admits that she hasn't gotten over Sophie but figures that it isn't fair to Tyler. Kate tells Sophie that it's best if she keeps her distance from Sophie now. Sophie gives her a present and wishes her good luck in her new real estate endeavors as she leaves. Kate opens the present box and finds the marksmanship medal inside. She begins to cry.

Sophie tells Tyler that her feelings for Kate went away the day she chose Tyler, and he's the only one she loves now. They kiss and hug, though Tyler is doubtful. Kate calls Mary to the new building she own and hangs up a rainbow flag. She notes that it's across the street from Alessandro's and says that she's going to open a gay bar to really piss off the owner. Mary is enthusiastic about the idea.

As the real Jacob drives back from checking out a lead on Cartwright, he calls Catherine and hopes they're good. Whereas Mouse wearing a mask to look like "Jacob" comes in to see Alice. He assures her that they'll never see it coming, and Alice holds up a small vial filled with poison. Alice tells Mouse that they're going to host the most memorable tea party Gotham has ever seen, and laughs.



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  • The Rifle mentions his employer Safiyah who has a connection with Alice. In the comics, Safiyah Sohail is the ruler of a pirate nation called Coryana and Kate Kane's former lover. Kate and Safiyah became lovers after Safiyah saved Kate's life during a shipwreck and nursed her back to health on her island. Safiyah and her daughter Fatima were also associated with the Many Arms of Death.
  • The plot where Julia dresses as Batwoman to convince Sophie that she is not Kate is similar with the Arrow episode "Damaged" where Diggle dresses as the Hood to convince the police that Oliver is not the Hood.
    • It is also similar with the Supergirl episode "Blood Bonds" Hank uses his shapeshifting ability to impersonate Supergirl so that Cat can see her and Kara at the same time to be convinced they're not the same person.
  • At the end, Mouse pulls off a mask of Jacob the same way Ethan Hunt does in Mission: Impossible. Dougray Scott plays the villain in the sequel, Mission: Impossible II.
  • Julia mentions how Bruce kept "Dino" whilst picking up a T-Rex model figure, a reference to the DC comics and other versions of Batman he has a giant animatronic T-Rex statue in the Bat-cave as a trophy. It first appeared in Batman #35 (June, 1946). It was a robot that Batman fought during an early adventure in Murray Wilson Hart's theme park on "Dinosaur Island".
  • Shawn Izadi, the cadet whose obstacle course record Sophie broke, is a reference to writer Natalie Abrams's friend Ashian Izadi, who was a West Point cadet.
  • Julia pretending to be Batwoman is a reference to the 1966 television show Batman, where a couple of instances when Bruce Wayne and Batman needed to be in the same place at the same time. Since Robin was too young to pose as his mentor, it left Alfred the butler the only individual who knew the Dynamic Duo's secret identities to pretend to be Batman.