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For the Arrow: The Dark Archer issue of the same name, see "Tempest".

Tempest was a covert organization responsible for the Undertaking and the sabotage of the Queen's Gambit in 2007. This resulted, indirectly, in the death of Robert Queen, and the presumed death of Sara Lance. It's also what caused Oliver Queen to be stranded on Lian Yu while awaiting rescue. According to Moira Queen and Oliver's flashbacks, Tempest was created to fix the Glades and cure Starling City.

To this end, the members compiled a list of the names of people responsible for allowing the city to become as it was under their control and used that list as collateral. Oliver later learned their symbol was an outline of the subway lines connected/leading to the Glades. At some point, Moira managed to re-acquire most of the Queen's Gambit, the yacht they intentionally sabotaged. It is unknown if Tempest is still active, after Malcolm Merlyn faked his death.

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