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This template uses Lua scripting
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This template is used for linking to book pages in accordance with the Manual of Style. Bk should only be used for book titles. This template is also equipped with hovered text with the help of modules.
Type {{Bk|<!--book name-->}} where you want to use it. Each book title has the series name with it, however Bk will read both.
For example {{Bk|Vengeance}} and {{Bk|Arrow: Vengeance}} both produce Arrow: Vengeance.
Variations and Parameters
The second parameter is reserved for notes regarding the link of the book. For example, if Barry Allen was only mentioned in the Arrow book Arrow: A Generation of Vipers, then the second parameter would have value (mentioned). This template will automatically make the value small. All this to say, {{Bk|A Generation of Vipers|(mentioned)}} produces Arrow: A Generation of Vipers (mentioned) .
Since "mentioned" is very common, there is a shortcut. Namely, {{Bk|A Generation of Vipers|m}} produces Arrow: A Generation of Vipers (mentioned) .
If needing the link to be color-coded with the color scheme of the series, then the bold parameter should have a value. For example, {{Bk|Curse of the Ancients|bold=yes}} produces Curse of the Ancients.
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