This template is designed for displaying quotes from the Arrowverse in dialogue form, i.e. two pieces of dialogue from two characters.
Type {{Dialogue}} where you want to use it. The first piece of dialogue is reserved for the first parameter; the second piece is reserved for the second parameter; and the participants in the dialogue are to be stated in the third parameter. If the quote comes from a specific episode/comic book issue/etc. then include the source in the fourth parameter. For example,

{{Dialogue|Be careful on that ladder... it's really old.|You'll catch me.|[[Clark Kent]] and [[Lois Lane]]|Elseworlds, Part 1}}

means that in "Elseworlds, Part 1", Clark Kent said "Be careful on that ladder... it's really old," and Lois Lane responding by saying "You'll catch me." The output this will produce is:
"Be careful on that ladder... it's really old."
"You'll catch me."
Clark Kent and Lois Lane[src]
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