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This module has various functions described below and should only be utilized on templates. To call a module in a template, insert {{#invoke:Documentation|function name|various parameters}} onto the template.

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to insert descriptions on modules pages. This template should not be used as documentation on template pages.
Type {{Documentation/Module}} on the documentation page of a module.
Variations and parameters
If the module is simply a data-return module, then insert data into the first parameter. The table output display defaults to one output, but if the output contains multiple entries, use the second parameter to display what goes in each entry.
If the module is not a data-return module, then state the functions the module can perform in the first parameter (formatted as a table). For example, if the module can do the "Format" function with input values "Bob" and outputs a "formatted Bob", then the user would place
{{!}}formatted Bob
in the first parameter to display the details of that function. If there are multiple functions, then we need to add {{!}}- in a new line with the next function information in the following lines.
If the module is not a data-return module, but has a corresponding data page, insert the base page name of the data page into the data parameter.
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