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This template is a navbox that lists the "doppelgängers" of an input location, company, organization, or object.
Type {{Doppelplace}} where you want to use it with the item/location's name you're wishing to see the "doppelgängers" of in the first parameter. The second parameter is reserved for an earth designation. For example, Star City does not have an "(Earth-1)" tag next to it's name, so we would add {{Doppelplace|Star City|1}} to it's page. Whereas, Star City (Earth-X) has an "(Earth-X)" tag in it's page name, so we would only need to add {{Doppelplace|Star City}} to its page.
The show parameter is reserved for if the item/location is prominent in one show over another.
Be sure that all "doppelgängers" have the appropriate redirect pages. For example, in order for Star City to show up in the template, we would need the page Star City (Earth-1) to redirect to Star City.
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