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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is the format for all Article management templates.
Type {{Notice Format}} where you want to use it.
Variations and Parameters
In order to keep the wiki uniform throughout, please keep the parameters in this order.


If you want the width of the notice at anything other than 80%, then add |w=<!--percentage with the percent sign--> to the template.


Every notice at this wiki has a quote from the Arrowverse. It should be under |q=<!--quote ''without quotation marks''--> in the template.

spoke by and spoke by 2

To include the name of the speaker of the quote, add |spoke by=<!--speaker's name--> to the template. If the quote has a responder, add |spoke by 2=<!--responder's name--> to the template.


The name of the series that the quote is from should be under |series=<!--series name--> in the template.


The name of the episode/issue/post in the series that the quote is from should be entered as |source=<!--episode/issue/post name--> in the template.


Include an image from the episode by typing the png file into the template like so: |image=<!--png file name-->.


If you want the size of the image at anything other than 250px, then add |size=<!--size without the units px--> to the template.


To add the actual notice that the template is designed for, add |notice=<!--notice--> to the template.
Pre-image Notice Format
{{Notice Format
|w= <!--width as a percentage; defaults to 80%-->
|q= <!--Quote-->
|spoke by= 
|spoke by 2= <!--if second person-->
|s= <!--Series name-->
|source= <!--Source where quote is found-->
|size= <!--of image; defaults to 250px-->