Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to check whether a given parameter of an infobox is used as needed. Arrowverse Wiki has certain parameters that most pages using the infobox need. However, there are some pages that do not fit the majority, i.e. they are a rare exception that does not need the parameter. This template is used to check and see if the given page is one of these exceptions. If it is, then that page does not get categorized into the category, "Category:No {{{parameter}}} parameter". This template should only be used by those directly influencing infoboxes; which is primarily promoted users.
Type {{Parameter check|<!--Parameter shortcut inserted here-->|{{PAGENAME}}}} where you want to use it.
For example {{Parameter check|hu|{{PAGENAME}}}} checks to see if {{PAGENAME}} has the homeuniverse parameter in it's infobox.
Current Parameter Checks
hu --> homeuniverse (Character, Split personality)
show --> show (Most every infobox)
spec --> species (Character, Split personality)
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