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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to link to a specific section in any of the three power listing pages: List of powers, List of alien powers, and List of magical powers. It is mostly used in the "Powers" section of character articles.
Type {{Power link|<!--name of the power-->}} where you want to use it.
For example, {{Power link|Flight}} produces Flight or [[List of powers#Flight|Flight]].
Variations and parameters
If the power is of alien origin or magical nature, type {{Power link|<!--name of the power-->|<!--either alien or magic, leave blank if neither-->}}.
For example, {{Power link|Flight|alien}} produces Flight or [[List of alien powers#Flight|Flight]].

If the section name is different from the text to be displayed, then the section parameter should be used.
For example, {{Power link|section=Aerokinesis|Wind powers}} produces Wind powers or [[List of powers#Aerokinesis|Wind powers]].
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