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This template uses Lua scripting
through the help of

This template provides shortcuts into listing the series name out which outputs the actual series title and link(s) utilized on Arrowverse Wiki. This template is for use on other templates and most likely does not need to be used elsewhere.
Type {{S/switch|<!--Series name or shortcut inserted here-->}} where you want to use it.
For example, {{S/switch|Arrow}} and {{S/switch|A}} both produce Arrow.
This produces... ...This
The Flash (1990 TV series)       TF90
The Flash (1990)       1990
The Flash (CBS)
The Flash (CBS)
Birds of Prey       BOP Birds of Prey
Arrow       A Arrow
The Flash       Flash
F       TF
The Flash (2014 TV series)       The Flash (2014)
The Flash (The CW)       The Flash (CW)
The Flash (The CW)
Constantine       C Constantine
Supergirl       S Supergirl
DC's Legends of Tomorrow       Legends of Tomorrow
DCs Legends of Tomorrow       Legends
L       LoT
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Black Lightning       BL Black Lightning
Batwoman       B       BW Batwoman
Superman & Lois       S&L
Superman and Lois       SL
Superman & Lois
Green Arrow and the Canaries       GAATC Green Arrow and the Canaries
Painkiller       P Painkiller
Wonder Girl       W       WG Wonder Girl
Vixen       V Vixen
Freedom Fighters: The Ray       Freedom Fighters The Ray
Freedom Fighters       The Ray
FFTR       FF:TR
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
Blood Rush       BR Blood Rush
Chronicles of Cisco       Chronicles
COC       COC (web)
Chronicles of Cisco
John Con Noir       JCN John Con Noir
Stretched Scene       Stretched Scenes
Stretched Scene
Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac       Mr. Parker
MPCDS       Cul De Sac
Mister Parker's Cul De Sac
The Flash TV Special The Flash TV Special
Arrow (comic book series)       Arrow (comics)
Arrow(comic book series)       Arrow (c)
A (comics)       A (c)
Arrow (comic book series)
Arrow: Season 2.5       Arrow Season 2.5
Season 2.5       S2.5
Arrow: Season 2.5
The Flash: Season Zero       The Flash Season Zero
Season 0       Season Zero
S0       0
The Flash: Season Zero
Arrow: The Dark Archer       Arrow The Dark Archer
The Dark Archer       Dark Archer
Arrow: TDA       Arrow TDA
Arrow: The Dark Archer
Adventures of Supergirl       AoS Adventures of Supergirl
Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant       COIEG Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant
The Chronicles of Cisco       Blog
TCOC       COC (blog)
The Chronicles of Cisco
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