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This template is an infobox for seasons. An example is to the shown here with referenced parameters down below. The season template uses the input parameters and changes the display title to make the series name italicized.
Type {{Season}} where you want to use it.
Variations and Parameters
In order to keep the wiki uniform throughout, please keep the parameters in this order.


If the season's name is different than the pagename (which it should be), then add |name=Season <!--#--> to the template. If name is not included, then the pagename is used. In the example, the name used is "Season 1."


Include an image from the season banner by typing the png file into the template like so: |image=<!--png file name-->. In the example, the image used is "Barry Allen (Earth-1).png."


The number of the season in the series should be under |number=<!--season number within the series--> in the template. While this parameter does not display this parameter, it does however take the parameter and automatically checks the wiki to see if there exists a previous season or next season. If there is one, it will add the link to the template. This parameter is also used for the automatic page title display. In the example above, the number used is "3."


Add |network=<!--network's name--> to the template to display the network the season aired on. This template will automatically link to the network. In the example above, the network used is "The CW."

start and end

Add |start=<!--date in Month ##, Year form--> to the template to display the premiere date of the season and add |end=<!--date in Month ##, Year form--> to the template to display the finale date of the season. In the example above, the start used is "August 7, 2014" and the end used is "August 17, 2014."


Add |time=<!--Time in eastern standard time with "Mondays at 8:00pm" form--> to the template to display the time slot the season aired with <br> included in between each different time slot . In the example above, the time used is "Mondays at 8:00pm."


Add |episodes=<!--##--> to the template to display the number of episodes in the season (or going to be in the season). This template automatically hyperlinks the given parameter, so please only leave a number with nothing else. In the example above, the episodes used is "40."


Add |current=<!--current value--> to the template only if the season is still airing. The current value is the number of episodes that have aired in the season and is produced by using the Num template. Therefore, the current value should always be {{Num|current<!--show name-->}}. This parameter value shows up in the episodes parameter slot of the template. In the example above, the after used is "{{Num|currentArrow}}."


The season that is associated with the particular series should be included so add |show=<!--series name--> to the template. This parameter is used to continue the color scheme used throughout Arrowverse Wiki. This template will automatically add the episode into the appropriate season categories. In the example above, the show used is "Arrow."
Pre-image Season Infobox
|current= <!--only if current season-->
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