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This template is an infobox for species. An example is to the shown here with referenced parameters down below.
Type {{Species}} where you want to use it.
Variations and Parameters
In order to keep the wiki uniform throughout, please keep the parameters in this order.


If the species' name is different than the pagename, then add |name=<!--name--> to the template. If name is not included, then the pagename is used. In the example, the name used is "Meta-human."


Include an image of the species by typing the png file into the template like so: |image=<!--png file name-->. In the example, the image used is "Barry Allen (Earth-1).png."


If the species has a home planet, it should be under |planet=<!--planet's name--> in the template. In the example, the planet used is "[[Earth (Earth-1)|Earth]]."


The language(s) the species communicates with should be in the template under |language=<!--name of language--> with <br>'s separating each unique language. In the example, the language used is "[[Russian]]."


The characteristics of the species should be under |characteristic=<!--characteristics--> with <br>'s separating each unique characteristic in the template. In the example, the characteristic used is "[[Human|Humanoid]]."


If the species is prominent in one particular series, add |show=<!--series name--> to the template. This parameter is used to continue the color scheme used throughout Arrowverse Wiki. In the example above, the show used is "Supergirl."
Pre-image Species Infobox
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