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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used for linking to the The Chronicles of Cisco posts in accordance with the Manual of Style. This template also uses the TCOC links template to report the actual links.
Type {{TCOC|post=<!--post number-->}} where you want to use it.
For example {{TCOC|post=3}} produces Post 3 "Chapter Two: Prism".
Variations and Parameters
The first parameter is reserved for notes regarding the link of the post. For example, if Joe West was only mentioned in the 62nd post of The Chronicles of Cisco, then the first parameter would have value (mentioned). This template will automatically make the value small. All this to say, {{TCOC|post=62|(mentioned)}} produces Post 62  (mentioned) .
Since "mentioned" is very common, there is a shortcut. Namely, {{TCOC|post=62|m}} produces Post 62  (mentioned) .
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