"In which case, why aren't we speaking German right now?"
"Because we're in the temporal zone."
Jefferson Jackson and Ray Palmer[src]

The temporal zone is the birthplace of all creation and acts as the space between time, like a limbo. It is commonly used by non-speedsters to travel through time using a timeship. Normally, once the Legends have completed a mission, they usually stay in the temporal zone.

"Time quakes" occur when a massive modification to history has occurred (an "aberration"). People traveling inside the temporal zone, such as the Legends, are shielded from changes to the timeline.

The temporal zone can also be used to traverse the multiverse. The Legends once crashed in a future, dystopian Star City in 2046.[1][2] Unbeknownst to the group at the time, they had accidentally landed on Earth-16 rather than their own universe. It wasn't until three years later that they discovered their inter-dimensional jaunt.[3]


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Feudal Japan, where Ray and Nate landed.

After escaping from Chronos in 1975, Rip Hunter parked the Waverider within the temporal zone in order to remain undetected and perform repairs on the ship.[4]

When Nate and Ray were practicing fighting in the cargo bay, Nate was suddenly thrown through and out the door and into the temporal zone. Because of this, Nate landed in Feudal Japan alongside Ray, who also fell in to try and save him.[5]

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  • Attempting to travel to the Dawn of Time via the temporal zone without a proper timeship is a bad idea, as the traveler would be exposed to deadly quantities of chronal radiation.[6]
    • As Mar Novu was the only positive matter when he visited, he allowed Mobius; his Netherverse doppelgänger access to the multiverse.
    • While the suit Mar Novu wore when traveling to through the temporal zone did keep the radiation from killing him, it mutated him, granting him a series of godlike powers.[6]


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