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"When I first stepped on to this ship, I was, you know, trying to get away from all my baggage back home, and I can't believe I'm gonna say this.... Hemingway once wrote 'Can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.' And thanks to you guys, I don't have to run anymore."
—Nate Heywood to the Legends

"Tender is the Nate" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-seventh episode overall. It aired on November 26, 2018.




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"Tender Is The Nate" begins with Mona showing up at the Time Bureau, as she's been given a promotion after her activities the previous week. Ava shows her around the workplace, acquainting her with a portion of the detainees at the office, including Nora Darhk.

Ava returns to her office, where she's welcomed by Sara Lance, wanting to celebrate Ava's birthday. The two begin getting private when Hank Heywood busts in and an abnormal discussion among Hank and Ava results while Sara has a go at staying silent under the work area.

Hank's disturbed that the Time Bureau is costing the government millions and he arranges Ava that she needs to give the Pentagon sufficient thought to draining cash. Hank at that point orders Nate to take him to the Waverider — where the Legends have a go at diverting Nate from finding the "Amaya copy" being held in the storm cellar.

The team is fruitless in their endeavor and Nate unintentionally discovers Charlie. Sara and Ray pull Nate aside and clarify their circumstances. Nate agrees to saying that Charlie is his ex, so Hank doesn't understand they're holding an outlaw.

Sara separates the group into two crews. Sara, Nate, Mick, and Hank travel to 1927 Paris to deal with an anachronism. There, the incredible craftsman Salvador Dali discloses to the team that he saw a massive man. Hank gets diverted by Ernest Hemingway, his favorite creator. Hank and Mick warmly embrace Hemingway and they let it slip that the Legends are chasing a beast. Hemingway demands chasing the beast with the group.

The groups enter the Catacombs to start finding the fugitive.

Mona goes to visit Nora, and sneaks her a letter from Ray. Nora gets resentful and utilizes her forces to destroy the prison cell containing her. Ava calls for crisis reinforcement.

Nate's attempting to discover his way around Paris when he chances upon Charlie and the two contend. The pair at that point find the Fitzgeralds, the team Nate was making the rounds searching for.

Down in the Catacombs, the team runs into a minotaur and starts battling it.

The Fitzgeralds disclose to Nate the account of the minotaur and he understands he needs to substantiate himself to his dad, so he leaves to go into the Catacombs to find the remainder of the group.

In the battle, Hank gets sliced by the minotaur and the team surges him back to the Waverider. Gideon directs a narcotic to Hank and the remainder of the group head out to stop the minotaur.

Ava and Mona are currently secured in Nora's cell and the three take a stab at holding. Ava's irate with Mona about her activities with Nora, however the three begin drinking wine bought for Ava's birthday and start to bond.

Constantine prepares a creation that emits the aroma of a female minotaur and Nate says that once the beast is diverted, he'll play a tune on his lute to make it nod off.

They accumulate at the watering opening they met Dali and Hemingway at before and sure enough, the minotaur comes to attack. They almost get the minotaur snoozing, yet Hemingway's firearm goes off and awakens it with a following battle.

It's uncovered that Ray hid himself In Nora's letter and jumps out to enable the trio to break out of the cell.

The minotaur's going to gut Nate when Hank gets a guitar and starts singing James Taylor. Hank's plan attempts to divert the minotaur, taking care of it. The group hosts a pizza get-together to commend their main goal.


Preparation ran from August 23 until August 31, 2018. Shooting ran from September 4 until September 14, 2018.[1]



  • At one point during the pizza party, Nate is holding beer in his right hand and rubbing Ray's shoulder with his left, but the camera returns to him a second later with these actions switched.
  • Hank Heywood claims that the Legends have spent $1.7 million on historical costumes. In contrast, previous seasons have shown that the Waverider creates both historical clothes and equipment for the crew for free using Gideon's programming.
    • He also made a similar complaint about the Legends' food supply, which is actually provided by Gideon as well.
    • The only situations that seem likely is that he was somehow misinformed about the Legends' actions, or that Gideon creates them out of some unknown material, like a 3D printer, which means the process costs money.