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"When Rip first recruited the Legends, he picked the people that were insignificant to history. The original losers. You don't have to be cool to be a Legend."
Sara Lance to Gary Green

"Terms of Service" is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixty-sixth episode overall. It aired on May 13, 2019.




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Outside Washington D.C. in the present day, Zari as a child along with her mother who is pregnant with her brother Behrad, sees a commercial of Neron posing as Ray and introducing the existence of magical creatures, claiming they will stop at nothing to destroy humankind. He asks for anyone interested in learning more to join him at PalmerX 2019. The Legends watch the same commercial and Sara declares that they will be going on the offensive and take back control of the Time Bureau.

Sara instructs Gideon to show them blueprints of the Bureau and to begin fabricating an arsenal. She instructs Nate and Mick to handle Tabitha while she and Ava take on Neron. Zari points out that even Constantine and Nora were not able to defeat Neron and Charlie suggests waiting for Constantine to return with Ray's soul. Sara insists that the commercial is proof Neron is about to make a move and they need to stop him first. Nora contacts Sara and tells her she is tired of skulking inside the air ducts and decides to go after Mona, not heeding Ava's advice to wait for the Legend's assault on the Bureau. In Ava's office, Gary is getting a massage and reveals he has used Tabitha's powers to summon various items to redecorate the office and for 2 nipples "because a spare never hurts." Tabitha suggests Gary have his revenge on the Legends by sending them to hell with Constantine. Tabitha laughs how Constantine is now in hell with the thousands of demons he sent to hell. Constantine's arrival is hell is observed by another demon, who begins to follow him. In the Time Bureau, Neron begins torturing Mona as the Legends assemble their arsenal for their assault, with Charlie and Zari noting "this seems like overkill." Just as Ava is about to open a portal and Nora is about to free Mona, Gary uses Tabitha's magic to bring Ava, Sara and Nora into his office where all 3 of them are holding a book. Gary excitedly states "Welcome to Book Club."

Tabitha warns them to watch how they address Gary, and he tells them he wants to discuss the book they are holding. Ava and Nora insist that they need to help Mona who is being imprisoned and tortured in the Bureau and Gary accuses Ava of showing favoritism towards Mona and claims Neron is trying to protect humans from creatures like Mona. Sara suggests they reconvene after the 3 of them read the book, and Gary uses Tabitha's magic to force them to read the book at super speed which causes them great pain. Nate contacts Sara and she tells them that the 3 of them are with Gary. Sara tells them to execute plan B, which Nate assumes is "Plan A , but you know, with less people". Mick points that an assault on the Bureau without Sara and Ava is a suicide mission. Zari suggests the Legends sneak into PalmerX instead to find out what Neron is planning. In hell, Constantine looks for an acquaintance named Masher. The demon who gives him information warns him that half of demonkind is looking for him as he spots another demon following him. In the Time Bureau, Gary discusses how the protagonist of his book was only keeping people hostage because he never received love as a child. Ava, Sara and Nora attempt to rush him but Tabitha uses her magic to freeze them. Tabitha tells Gary that they don't want to spend time with him and asks him to wish to punish them. Gary notes that they don't want to spend time with him, a lowly time agent but he is sure they would spend time with "Gary Green, Captain of the Waverider." Tabitha uses her magic to transport Gary, Ava and Sara to the Waverider, where Gideon greets Gary as "Captain Green". In the Time Bureau, Tabitha releases Nora as she has no quarrel with her, as unlike Constantine and the Legends, Nora did not send her to hell. Tabitha tells Nora that her only crime was to help a girl who's mother was accused of witchcraft. Nora asks why she would help Neron, and Tabitha reveals Neron rescued her and they fell in love, although Neron is older than her. Nora tries to form a rapport with Tabitha and agrees that sometimes one has to look past age. Tabitha tells Nora that they could have been friends in another life and sends her to Neron at PalmerX. Neron threatens to have Mona killed if Nora doesn't play along. Nora insists that Ray can fight his way back from hell and Neron muses how her father, Damien Darkh may be having an equally unpleasant time in hell. Neron claims that Damien Darkh has gone mad in hell and muses how he wants revenge for Nora and Constantine almost killing him, as they would have succeeded if Ray had not accidentally interfered. He decides that there is n better punishment in making her watch what he unleashes while in the body of the man she loves. The Legends arrive incognito at PalmerX as Neron welcomes everyone. Posing as Ray, he claims to have spent the last 2 years out of the public eye hunting magical creatures and to have developed the A.T.O.M. suit to combat them, to the chagrin of Nate. Neron asks them to download a new "Eyes" app that will allow the public to report sightings of magical creatures. A reporter demands proof of magical creatures and Neron brings out Mona who's eyes begin to glow like a Kope's.

In hell, Constantine manages to find his acquaintance Masher to confirm that Neron is about to make his play for the throne of hell. Constantine attempts to escape the demon Calibraxis who has been following him. Constantine demands to meet the Triumvirate of hell and convices Calibraxis to bring him to speak with them. On the Waverider, Gideon alerts Gary to an anomaly at the Spanish Inquisition, but Gary is uninterested as he doesn't like torture. Sara suggests she and Ava keep Gary distracted so that the Legends can execute plan B. They pretend to laugh at his jokes as they go on a mission to apprehend a fairy at the Great British Bake Off. At PalmerX, Neron threatens to kill Mona if she doesn't transform and she transforms into Wolfie in front of the public, which Neron calls proof of the world's first werewolf as Wolfie attacks the Time Bureau agents. The Legends attempt to save Mona but Gary wishes that "the boys" would join them on their mission, causing Tabitha to teleport Mick and Nate onto the Waverider. While Charlie escpaes, Neron claims that Zari is a witch. Zari defiantly says she is a witch, and uses her totem to escape. Neron tells the public that as long as everyone downloads the Eyes app and report their findings, Zari will be found eventually.

On the Waverider, the Legends note that Charlie and Zari are the only Legends left to stop Neron. Gary wears a "Kid Steel" costume to become Nate's sidekick, to Nate's confusion, and announces that they are going on a mission to the Great British Bake Off and the Legends, instructed by Sara, play along. In the Time Bureau an agent tells Neron that while #Eyesapp is trending, there are only 2,000 downloads. Neron reflects that it is difficult to cut through the noise when the news cycle is so fast, but decides that a monster attack on the capital will gather more attention. Neron tells Tabitha toput Nora in a cell, and Tabitha puts her in Mona's cell, musing that Neron did not specify which cell to put her in. Nora asks why Tabitha would help her, and the latter replies that witches need to stick together. She reminds Nora that she is just "a Fairy Godmother away" if Nora needs her. Zari and Charlie break into her childhood home. Zari tells Charlie that in 2021, A.R.G.U.S. would use people's fears of meta-humans to seize control and her family would be forced to move into a ghetto district. Zari looks through the Eyes app and find that in the terms of service, a fine print states that clicking accept means that the user surrenders their soul to Neron, meaning that everyone who downloaded the app has sold their soul to Neron. On the Waverider, Gary and the Legends have completed their mission as Zari informs them of Neron's plan. Sara instructs them to rescue every monster in the Time Bureau so Neron will not be able to use them to attack the capitol. The Legends attempt to distract Gary but he does not fall for their flattery. Gary tells them that he is saving their lives as Tabitha wanted to hurt them. Gary points out that he was just trying to hang out and protect them, but they have always treated him like a joke. He summons Tabitha to turn Mick into a giant baby, make Nate experience Gary's high school years of embarrassing puberty, and for Ava and Sara to dance at an inhuman speed. Charlie admits to being afraid of ending up in prison or killed. Zari tells her that her brother, Behrad, told her to run in the future before he was killed and she has never forgiven herself, something that Charlie will go through if she abandons the Legends and the magical creatures. Charlie is convinced, but the two of them are forced to leave when the child version of Zari returns home. Unknown to the two, they had left behind the dragon egg, which is discovered by child Zari. In hell, Constantine meets with the Triumvirate to convince them to give him Ray's soul in exchange for him stopping Neron from usurping the throne. The Triumvirate ask if Constantine would not prefer to have Astra's soul, the girl he had damned to hell. They force him to choose between Ray and Astra, with Constantine apologizing to Ray before choosing to free Astra instead.

In the Time Bureau, Charlie has impersonated an agent escorting Zari to a cell so that Charlie can portal the creatures one by one onto the Waverider. On the Waverider, Nate pleads for Gary to stop with Mick pointing out that he is killing Sara and Ava. Gary orders Tabitha to stop, and the Legends return to normal. In the Time Bureau, Nora attends to a badly injured and dying Mona. Nora summons Tabitha, who departs and the Legends apologize to Gary for their mistreatment of him in the past. Sara tells Gary that Rip recruited people who were insignificant to history to become the original Legends, the "original losers" and that Gary doesn't need to be cool to be a Legend but he is one of them. Nate points out that Gary could use Tabitha's powers to rescue Constantine and Ray from hell, which Gary considers. In Mona's cell, Nora asks Tabitha to heal Mona, but she cannot. However if Nora takes the wand and becomes Mona's Fairy Godmother, Mona could wish to be heal. Nora agrees and Mona wishes to be healed, but the spell fails at Tabitha laughs. Tabitha reveals that Nora took on all of the wand's power and responsibilities, but also its charge: Gary. Tabitha reveals that Fairy Godmothers are prisoners, whose magic is dependent on "whiny humans and their petty demands" but she has passed on the curse to Nora instead. In the Bureau, Charlie shapeshifts into Marilyn Monroe to kidnap a Time Bureau agent and steal his Courier. Charlie then pretends to be Tabitha, narrowly managing to evade suspicion from Neron. While he gives a briefing, Tabitha arrives and Neron realizes he has been tricked and sounds the alarm. Charlie tells Zari to open all the cell doors and forcefields, while she opens a portal to the Waverider and asks all of the magical fugitive to escape.

Gary considers the pros and cons of listening to the Legends and decides to make a list. Ava tells Gary to follow his heart and he summons Nora to rescue Constantine and Ray from hell, without realizing that his Fairy Godmother is now Nora. Charlie tells Zari to escape without her while she saves Mona. Charlie is restrained by Neron but manages to open a portal for Zari to bring Mona onto the Waverider. Neron attempts to stop them, but Tabitha tells him to let them go: Now that they have Charlie they have "every single monster in one." In hell, the Triumvirate bring Constantine to a torture cell where he hears Astra. However Astra is no longer a child but a grown woman who refuses to return to hell. Now that the deal is voided, the Triumvirate reveal that while Neron may be a thorn in their side, torturing Constantine is "too much fun". Constantine awakens in a torture chamber, where Astra reveals that she is no longer a terrified little girl, but has become as twisted and devious as Constantine himself. Ava tells Constantine he should have chose to save Ray instead, and leaves him to be tortured by Calibraxis while his screams are heard offscreen. On the Waverider, the Legends observe the magical creatures in the lab. They ask Gary to stay and help them to his surprise as Ava says "we're going to need all our friends to defeat Neron." Zari realizes she left the dragon egg behind, as it begins to hatch in front of child Zari.


Preparation ran from December 10 until December 18, 2018. Shooting ran from December 12 until December 22, 2018, and then again from January 4 until January 14, 2019.[1]


  • The episode's title is a reference to the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Agreement, and/or Terms of Services used by many application companies to present any disclaimers with the app.
  • The Ruling Triumvirate of Hell is finally introduced to the Arrowverse.
  • Constantine's request for parley being turned down because "I'm not a pirate" is a reference to Matt Ryan's role of Edward Kenway in the video game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
  • Nate says that he wants to punch Neron even though the latter is wearing his best friend's face. Ironically, Nate actually punched Ray by accident thanks to Neron in "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe".
  • The ending of the episode is similar to that of the season 3 episode "Zari", in which a younger version of a Legend encounters and befriends a baby creature (Ray: Gumball; Zari: Wickstable) which is unseen until the next episode.
  • The scene of Astra being dragged to Hell is taken directly from the pilot episode of Constantine, "Non Est Asylum".
  • Constantine is able to weasel his way out of being killed because if he's killed, his soul will go to Neron, which would severely anger Hell's Triumvirate, who all want their hands on him. This is a nod to one of John's most famous stories in the comics, where, dying of cancer, he offered his soul to each member of the Triumvirate and they were forced to let him go, lest war breakout among them.
  • Constantine saving Astra is taken directly from the comics, especially Hellblazer #96.
  • Constantine says he would sacrifice the Legends if he could save Astra, possibly referencing "Hell No, Dolly!".
    • This may also be a reference to "Necromancing the Stone"; when Mallus tricked Sara into using the Death Totem and ended up possessing her, Mallus said he'd free Astra from Hell, but Constantine would have to let him have Sara in exchange. John knew Mallus would never really get Astra back, and thus, rejected the offer. However, when Sara asked John if he'd have traded her for Astra if Mallus really would free the latter, John said he'd have done it in a heartbeat.
  • Mick recalls the Legends transforming into a giant Beebo, referring to the Season 3 finale episode, "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly", when they used the Totems of Zambesi to create a giant Beebo doll in order to kill Mallus.
  • This episode marks the second time that Charlie has impersonated Marilyn Monroe, the first time being in "Legends of To-Meow-Meow". Jocelyn Panton, who played Marilyn in her first appearance, returned to reprise the role.
  • In this episode, young Astra is portrayed by Melody Nosipho Niemann, while in the NBC show she was portrayed by Bailey Tippen.
  • When Gary uses Tabitha's powers to become captain of the Waverider, and Gideon asks him where they are going, he says : "To Infinity and Beyond". It is a reference to Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase from the Toy Story series.
  • There's a brief montage of clips from Constantine, before Astra begins torturing him.