Terry Cohan was a young delinquent and the brother of Cory Cohan.


Early life

At some point, Terry and his sister ran away from home and started to live on petty theft.

The case of Blue Paradise

In 1990, nine months after he ran away from home, Terry skateboarded down the street and a man opening his taxicab door accidentally knocked Terry off of his feet. Terry faked an injury to his knees and when the man helped him up, Terry called him a chump and ran away. After a moment, the man realizes that Terry took his wallet. Later, passing by Phillip Sullivan's car, Terry stole a dragon bag and escape with it. Unbeknownst to him, the man in the car died by explosives shortly afterward. Days later, Terry tried to steal Barry Allen's car but got caught and was brought to the precinct by the latter. After a talk with Carmen Hijuelos, Barry took Terry in until they found a way to put him in foster care. Outside, Terry escaped Barry and went to the sewers. Terry then went to the zoo where her sister is hidden. Barry then appears and after an incident, brought them to his apartment. When Cory found a disk inside the dragon bag, Terry took it and told her to not tell them. At dinner, with Barry and Tina McGee, they both left the table having fun. The next day, Barry and Tina took them to Joan Sullivan a veterinarian that could heal Earl. When Terry and Cory turned the dogs loose, Joan told the kids that they'll both walk Brutus. At the park, Pepper approached them and asked them to help her get to the waterfront. When Terry refused, Pepper flashed her gun and told them to get in her van. Cory ordered Brutus to attack, and Pepper quickly drove away as the dog attack. Later, as Barry and Terry left the station, Barry suggested that they went to get some pizza. Terry told him that they were better on their own. The car would later be crashed and two men grabbed Terry and left. Later, the Flash would save him and told him to never accept to drive from strangers. Some times after the kidnappers arrest, at the precinct, Murphy did not believe him when he told them he was saved by the Flash and Barry questioned him about why those men attacked him but Terry did not know anything. Later, at Barry's apartment, after Terry made Cory slept and after a talk with Barry he went outside. The Flash appeared and warned him that he has made a lot of enemies. He took Terry for a spin on his skateboard at super speed, and then asked him what would happen to Cory if Terry got busted. The Flash told Terry to find someone he could trust and speeds off. Back at the apartment, Terry showed Barry the dragon doll/bag. There, there was a canister of Blue Paradise in the bag so that Tina could analyze it. Terry read the information on the disk after Barry did. Later, Terry told Cory that he has some business in selling something to someone, and the money would help them a lot. He warned her that Barry would eventually put them in a foster home and Terry gave one of Sullivan's two disks to Cory and told her to give it to Barry if he did not come home. Terry got inside Pepper's van and said that he called in a false alarm, and told her to take him to Beauregarde Lesko. At Lesko's lair, Terry offered him the disk for a million dollars, and claimed that he made a copy. Lesko threaten him to give him the second disk. Lesko stated that he was going to put Blue Paradise in canisters and was going to dose the city with it via helicopters. Pepper prepared to administer the drug on Terry, and Flash arrived. He punched Lesko, and Terry punched Pepper. The Flash told Terry to run, and Lesko dosed the Flash with Blue Paradise. Terry found the Flash outside, and he figured out that he burned the drug out of his system. The speedster then ran in, grabbed a guitar, turned up the amps, and played the guitar super fast. The sound waves knocked out Lesko and his men. Vibrations destroyed Lesko's drug-manufacturing equipment and Terry ran in and applauded the Flash. The following day, Terry and Cory prepared to head to New York City by bus. Barry wished them well and hugged Cory. Joan pulled up and suggested that they live with her. Terry did not want to hear it, but Cory insisted on staying and Barry asked Terry if he's tough enough to do the right thing, and Terry agreed but under the condition that he do not shampoo a cat ever again.[1]


The Flash


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