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For the vigilante who took inspiration from his name, see Curtis Holt.

"Wait, you don't know 'fair play,' Terry Sloane? Terry Sloane? Mr. Terrific? The greatest wrestler in the history of wrestling. He was so good that he wore an outfit with the words 'fair play' written across it. Like, 'I'm so good, I don't even need to cheat to beat you'. He's kind of my idol."
Curtis Holt[src]

Terry Sloane is a former wrestler known under the ring name Mr. Terrific.


While wrestling, Terry, known as Mr. Terrific, wore an outfit with the words "fair play" on it, indicating his lack of need to cheat in order to win.[1]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: According to Curtis Holt, Terry Sloane was the greatest wrestler in the history of wrestling.[1]



Season 5[]

DC's Legends of Tomorrow[]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Terry Sloane is the original Mister Terrific. Mention of him is a reference to Curtis Holt's comic book counterpart, Terry's successor as Mister Terrific, Michael Holt.