For the wife of Harry Wells of Earth-2, see Harrison Wells's wife.

"And what would you call these laboratories?"
"Well, we, Tess Morgan, would call them the 'Technological Engineering Scientific Studies,' or T.E.S.S., for short."
"Well, that is very, very sweet. But how about... 'Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories' or S.T.A.R. Labs, for short? Because in the vast night sky, you, Harrison Wells, are the only star I see.
—Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells[src]

Tess Morgan (died April 16, 2000)[1] was a scientist and the wife of Dr. Harrison Wells.

On April 16, 2000, Tess discussed with her husband about his dream of opening a laboratory free from government connections and business interests. While Harrison wanted to name the laboratories after her, she instead coined the name Scientific, Technological, and Advanced Research Laboratories, or S.T.A.R. Labs.

Tess and Garrison were murdered by Eobard Thawne on that same day. Eobard would steal her name for the laboratory as he lived the next 15 years as Harrison Wells.

In the timeline of Earth-Prime, Tess' life presumably played out the same, right down to her murder on April 16, 2000. Her husband would be resurrected and after assisting Team Flash, would return to live his moments with her.


Original multiverse

Early life

Harrison and Tess

Tess Morgan and her husband, Dr. Harrison Wells, lived in Starling City. In 2000, Harrison had an idea for a laboratory in and discussed this concept with Tess while on a date at the beach, which made her smile and even developed the name.[2]


Eobard Thawne killed her and her husband during a car accident in 2000, during an attempt to get Harrison's likeness and become him to make the particle accelerator launch earlier.[2]

Original timeline

According to Eobard, Tess and Harrison founded S.T.A.R. Labs and saw their new company in its prime, in the year 2020, they created the particle accelerator, and likely survived the explosion; however, unknown to Tess and Harrison, the unknown energies released from the particle accelerator explosion created many meta-humans, including Barry Allen/The Flash.[2]

New multiverse

In the timeline for Earth-Prime, Tess' life presumably played out the same such as coming up with the name "S.T.A.R. Labs". She and her husband were still murdered by Eobard, but her husband would be resurrected moments afterward.[3]

After his resurrection, Harrison used his new abilities to travel back and relive the four years he and Tess had spent together over and over. It's unknown whether she was made aware of this or not.[4]


Like Tess' husband, Tess was a very kind and caring person. She was shown to be very humble as S.T.A.R. Labs was going to be named after her; but Tess came up with the former name.[2]


  • Genius-level intellect/Master scientist: Tess was far more intelligent than Harrison Wells, a recognized genius himself. Her insight allowed her to finish research and development in a fraction of the time it would take her husband to finish.[5]


The Flash

Season 1

Season 7


  • In a deleted scene from "Fast Enough", Joe West questions Eobard Thawne about managed to pretend to care about Tess. Eobard reveals that stealing Harrison Wells's likeness, also took Harrison's memories, thoughts and feelings, thus aching with real love for Tess who Eobard never knew and ultimately killed.
  • Due to Randolf Morgan on Earth-19 sharing surnames with Tess, and a close relationship with H.R. Wells, Randolf could possibly be a gender-bent counterpart of Tess.[6]
  • It is heavily implied that Tess is the Earth-1 doppelgänger of a woman from Earth-2 who is Harry Wells's wife and Jesse Wells's mother. When Jesse hears her mother's voice through Harry's memories, her mother says "Because, in the vast night sky, you are the only star I see."[7] This phrase was first spoken by Tess to Earth-1 Harrison and is how S.T.A.R. Labs' name came to be.


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