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"Test Drive" is a promotional chapter of the comic book series Arrow, released before the regular series began. Two editions were published, with the first given away at the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 on July 13, 2012, and the second given away at comic specialty shops. The story was later released digitally.

  • Arrow – Special Issue: "2012 Convention Exclusive" (SDCC edition) – includes two pages of black & white preview art.
  • Arrow # 1 Special Edition: "Wed 8/7c the CW tv now" (shop version) – includes six-page preview of Green Arrow #0.



Six years ago, Oliver Queen is driving along with two women to the Starling City Plaza Hotel, when he is pulled over by Officer Lucas Hilton for speeding. When Oliver fails to give his license and registration, Lucas asks him to step out of the car, though he refuses due to not wearing pants. Oliver then uses his phone to call his father, who he asks to take care of the situation. Lucas promptly receives a call from a superior, who orders him to let Oliver go if he wishes to make the rank of detective someday. Lucas reluctantly does so and tells Oliver, "Drive safe." Oliver then recklessly speeds off.

In the present day, Warren Patel is traveling in a chopper with his assistant. Patel threatens a man on the phone that if he doesn't own Unidac Industries by the end of their call, he'll have the latter killed and disregards Walter Steele from Queen Consolidated as worthy competition for ownership of the company. Suddenly, the call is interrupted by an arrow being shot into the chopper. The Hood bursts in, grabs Patel, and swings away with him.

At the police station, Detective Lucas Hilton is about to leave for the night, but is stopped Officer Groves due to a development in the case against Warren Patel and is lead outside. To Lucas' surprise, he finds Patel hanging on the wall by arrows and phone records that are enough to put him away for a 25-to-life sentence. Officer Groves finds a note that reads "Drive safe" and questions what it means, but Lucas apparently has no idea.

On a roof somewhere in Starling City, The Hood states that one man has been brought to justice, yet there is still a whole city left.