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"They're moving Thaddeus Killgrave. Psycho genius who got radicalized off hating you."
Sam Lane to Clark Kent[src]

Thaddeus R. Killgrave is a psychotic inventor working with Intergang to defeat Superman.


Early life

At some point, Thaddeus became a member of Intergang, presumably producing and arming them with high-tech weaponry. but was defeated by Superman and imprisoned at Metropolis Penitentiary. During his stay, he spent a lot of time thinking about Superman and obsessively tracking his patterns. Noticing the hero hadn't been around Metropolis as much, Thaddeus knew high-risk inmates such as himself would be moved to a more secure facility. With Intergang activity on the rise, there could be an attempt at escape, which Sam Lane later brought up with Superman.[1]

Revenge against Superman

"See you soon, big blue."
—Thaddeus Killgrave to Superman[src]

Killgrave being transferred.

Thaddeus was transferred out of Metropolis Penitentiary. During transit, he used a synthetic polymer resin made from the sink of his prison cell to blow the transfer door open and escape while Intergang simultaneously attacked the transfer. Thaddeus then used his tracker to lure Superman away, successfully escaping. He later called Superman to his location again at Glenmorgan Square, Metropolis, and attacked him with a powerful sonic blaster. However, Superman was alerted by an ELT belonging to Jonathan Kent, causing him to clap his hands and send a powerful shockwave to Thaddeus. The shockwave destroyed the blaster and knocked the criminals unconscious, allowing the army to arrest them and send medics for injured bystanders.[1]


"Einstein saw time as an illusion, one that gets us to wear a watch. Do you happen to have the time? Nice piece. And analog. Good for you. A lot of people go digital. They need to be spoon-fed. Sad. Society is spoiled rotten. I think they need a wake-up call."
—Thaddeus Killgrave[src]

Thaddeus possesses genius-level intellect and grave patience. He is psychopathic, disregarding human lives and believing society to be spoiled. He hates Superman, possibly because of his powers and goodwill.


  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician: Thaddeus has been shown being able to plan and enact a prison break over a long period of time, and able to arrange help from the criminal organization known as Intergang. He was also able to plan out bait for Superman. Being knowledgeable in how the Man of Steel would respond. Along with knowing previously of his weakness to high frequency vibrations at a harmful level.[1]
    • Master engineer: Thaddeus had managed to construct various devices in his plan to escape from the Metropolis Penitentiary.[1]


  • Temperature sensitive synthetic polymer resin: Thaddeus created a resin in the sink of his prison cell which is highly mercurial at an atomic level. It explodes when combined with the precise vibration of a ticking watch.[1]
  • Voice-activated tracker: Thaddeus used a tracker that was able to lure Superman away from his location and record a message for the Man of Steel.[1]
  • Sonic blaster: Thaddeus also created a powerful sonic blaster that was capable of emitting powerful sonic beams strong enough to subdue Superman. However, Superman was able to melt it with his heat vision after doing a powerful clap on Thaddeus and the Intergang members present.[1]


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