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"Thanatos is the personification of death in Greek mythology."
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The Thanatos Guild was a splinter group of assassins from the League of Assassins. The guild was led by Athena and was founded by the late Malcolm Merlyn.


The Thanatos Guild operates in the same way as the League of Assassins do, prior to the league being disbanded by Nyssa al Ghul.


Malcolm Merlyn created the Thanatos Guild as part of the League of Assassins, sometime after he became Ra's al Ghul, but prior to the league being disbanded by Nyssa al Ghul. Many of Malcolm's loyalists were recruited into the guild, including his second-in-command, Athena.

However, following Malcolm's death on Lian Yu, Athena assumed leadership of the Thanatos Guild.

In 2018, Nyssa went undercover to get into their organization and exploit them. She triggers an explosion in the Guild headquarters and engages in a fight with them before escaping and traveling to Star City. Later, Athena believes Thea to be in possession of a map that leads to some ancient power, a Lazarus Pit, so she sends out her guild to capture Thea. However, Nyssa interferes and saves Thea from Athena's scouts. Nyssa, Thea and Team Arrow to head out to find the map and the power before the Guild can find it. They find a map hidden inside an encrypted cipher cube but before they can open it or flee, Athena and members of her guild show up.

Thea activates one of the traps that Malcolm built into his hideout, killing three of Athena's followers and wounding her as well. Thea and the rest of the team use the opportunity to flee. To draw out Thea and the box, Athena and her guild head to the city's gas plant and cut off the city's gas supply. Once Thea arrives, Athena reveals to her that the map alone is meaningless - they also need Thea's blood. When Athena comes closer, Thea stabs her in the stomach and Athena seemingly dies, but when Thea turns around again, her body is gone.[1]

Thea, Talia, Oliver and the Thanatos Guild at the tomb of Al-Fatih.

In 2019, The Thanatos Guild is finally extinct after the final battle against Oliver Queen, Thea Queen, and Talia al Ghul leading to the death of Athena and all the other members.[2]

Known members

Former members

  • Malcolm Merlyn (founder, leader, and field agent; deceased)
  • Athena (leader, field agent, and former second-in-command; deceased)

Known enemies

Former enemies



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