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For the eponymous celebration, see Thanksgiving (event).
"And yet... you cost me something dear to me. Someone very dear: My son. That's why I've arranged this little tête à tête. So that when your city burns, you'll know why."
Cayden James to Green Arrow

"Thanksgiving" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-second episode overall. It aired on November 23, 2017.



"Thanksgiving" begins with Oliver and William working a remain at a Star City food drive. He glances over to see Felicity being addressed by an individual from the press and leaves to separate the discussion.

Oliver returns to the food drive tent and addresses the volunteers, indicating his fervor for the city's new cop region building. Specialist Sharp appears with a couple of FBI operators and captures Oliver for homicide, attack, and different charges for his time supposedly spent as the Green Arrow.

Oliver is set up for prison, and Sharp starts addressing him. She uncovers that she realizes that Oliver taught Roy Harper to wear the hood, and has since educated John Diggle to do likewise. He reveals to Sharp he won't coordinate until he's ready to converse with William.

She brings William in and disregards the two, and Oliver consoles his child that he's not going about as the Green Arrow.

At the Arrow fortification, Curtis has been taking a shot at a model to help Diggle dispose of his tremors. Curtis infuses Diggle with the arrangement when Rene and Dinah stroll in, revealing to them the FBI has captured Oliver.

Somewhere else, Cayden James has sent Black Siren and a group of thugs on a crucial. They go into a made sure about server room and rapidly repress the watchmen. Dark Siren utilizes her shout to break into a safe and take the nanothermite Cayden needed.

They've moved Oliver to a normal prison cell, and Dinah approaches him to talk. She makes reference to that she can get him out, yet Oliver needs to experience the procedure the correct way.

Back at the dugout, Curtis educates Diggle regarding Black Siren's break-in the earlier night. Curtis clarifies the procedure behind transforming nanothermite into a weapon, and the two call Felicity to ask what they could be utilizing it for. She's hurried and hangs up on the grounds that she strolls into the court for Oliver's underlying appearance.

Oliver's lawyer movements to excuse the charges since absence of proof. The appointed authority doesn't take the lure, deciding to keep being investigated. He set's Oliver's bail at $5 million and permits him to post it and leave guardianship.

Diggle is preparing at the shelter, Curtis' fix is evidently working — the tremors are almost gone. Curtis' programmer tracker starts blaring, motioning there's another break-in. This time Black Siren is breaking into Amertek, and Diggle orders Curtis to assemble the group.

The group unites on the Amertek office, breaks in, and begins battling with the watchmen. During the battle, Diggle breakdown — he's having an evident response to Curtis' fix. The remainder of the group progresses forward, deserting Diggle. They're not able to get any nearer to Black Siren as she's started crushing the area of the wrongdoing. She gets away from solid.

At Arrow HQ, Rene and Dinah advise Felicity regarding Diggle's tremors, and she's disturbed Diggle never advised her. Somewhere else, Diggle's been admitted to an emergency clinic, and the specialist advises him that he's experiencing withdrawals from as of late going off the steroid for his tremors.

Felicity calls telling Curtis and Diggle that the latest thing Cayden and Black Siren took will permit them to make a monstrous bomb. Curtis get backs to the fortification begins to support Felicity and Rene conceptualize potential areas that Cayden would need to bomb.

Oliver visits Diggle in the clinic and uncovers that he thinks about Diggle's nerve harm. He reveals to Diggle he's baffled in his activities, which could have undermined the group. Oliver and Diggle get into a battle, and Oliver leaves Diggle's space to go visit Thea, who's still in a state of unconsciousness.

Rene recalls that Billy Joel is playing a show around, and Felicity runs some diagnostics that show Cayden has just expected command over the field's security frameworks. Oliver strolls into the shelter and advises the group that he will pronounce a highly sensitive situation, and the field will be compelled to drop the show.

At the field, Oliver gets into it with the field's administrator, who will not drop the show. On the off chance that Oliver cannot give solid proof of an approaching psychological militant assault, the show will go on as arranged.

Dinah and Lance are discussing Black Siren, Laurel's detestable doppelganger. He's despite everything scrutinizing his emotions towards the reprobate.

Oliver comes back to the emergency clinic, where Diggle's preparing to be released. Oliver apologizes for his previous activities, and the two start discussing Oliver's capture prior in the day. Diggle discloses to Oliver his finding; the nerve harm in his arm has ventured out to his back. In the event that he proceeds out in the field, there's an opportunity he could wind up incapacitated. The two offer some kind of reparation, and Oliver educates Diggle of Cayden's arrangements to assault the Billy Joel show.

Felicity, Rene, Curtis, and Dinah are talking about how to shield the field from the assault when Oliver strolls in, and he says he's getting ready as the Green Arrow once more.

Group Arrow unites on the field and sets off an alarm trying to clear the field. Cops close to the passage have a go at persuading the show goers that it's a bogus alert until Rene begins firing weapons at the roof, instigating a charge. Felicity discovers that the cops are phony; they're on the finance of Cayden James.

Felicity's ready to find the bomb on cameras, when she understands it's a bait. Oliver advances toward the fake, where Cayden is additionally found. Oliver interrogates him concerning the bomb, and Cayden uncovers there is no bomb, he simply needed to make an imitation with the goal that Team Arrow would show up so he could converse with the Green Arrow.

Cayden uncovers that he needs retribution against the Green Arrow in light of the fact that the Green Arrow caused his child's demise. Before he's ready to respond, Black Siren strolls in and impacts Oliver away, taking into account the protected break of the trouble makers and the bomb distraction.

Back at the fortification, they're attempting to figure out what happened to Cayden James' child. Curtis gets a caution on his tablet and shows the group that they're drifting — recordings of the group whipping the phony cops have turned into a web sensation. The group concurs it's no happenstance in timing with the vigilante submission quickly drawing closer.

The following day, Oliver's talking with columnists on the means of city corridor, where he uncovers that the choice — which sets up stricter laws to battle vigilantism — passed without any problem.

They're back chatting with Diggle, who's prepared to leave, and a specialist strolls in to stand out enough to be noticed — his sister has awoken from a state of insensibility.

The remainder of the group show up at Thea's room and have a temporary Thanksgiving supper at her bedside.


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Preparation ran from September 7 until September 15, 2017. Shooting ran from September 18 until September 27, 2017.[1]


  • This episode features an uncredited appearance from Billy Joel.
    • Joel's appearance is archive footage from his August 4, 2015 concert at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, performing "No Man's Land".
    • Rene claims Billy Joel's album The Stranger to be a "treasured piece of rock and roll history".
  • Curtis mentions having seen every episode of the TV series The Closer twice.
  • Cayden quotes an infamous phrase from the William Shakespeare play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar to Laurel: "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war".
  • Curtis likens Team Arrow to Big Brother, the totalitarian leader of Oceania in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. The phrase itself has come to be known as referring to the idea of constant surveillance.
  • Felicity informs the team that the thermobaric bomb is down corridor 52, a reference to The New 52, a 2011 relaunch and revamp of DC's comics or even to the 52 comic book series.
  • This episode aired on Thanksgiving Day in real life and is the first Thanksgiving-themed episode of Arrow.


  • Several times throughout this episode, people refer to Star City as "Starling City", even though the city's name had officially been changed two years previously.
  • Felicity says the name of the drug that "woke up Thea's brain" is a new form of Zolpidem. Zolpidem is generic Ambien, which is a sedative drug that treats insomnia.