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"It's a holiday when we all get together and celebrate and eat a ton of food. Like, a gross amount."
Cisco Ramon to Harrison Sherloque Wells[src]

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated on Earth-1, Earth-19, Earth-38, and Earth Prime by Americans.


Team Flash celebrating Thanksgiving.

On Earth-1

It celebrates the colonization of America. The participants have a feast for Thanksgiving, which includes turkey, stuffing, cranberry jello, and pie.[1][2]

On Earth-19

It commemorates the day the invading hordes of Plastoids were successfully driven off the planet, ending a decades-long war. During the feast they eat a green bean casserole, candied yams and mashed potatoes.[3]

Oliver celebrating Thanksgiving in the hospital with his family.

On Earth-38

During the feast, the participants eat turkey, stuffing, and pie.[4]

On Earth-221

This Earth is home to Sherloque Wells, who implied that Thanksgiving doesn't exist on his Earth.[2]

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