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Thara Ak-Var is the Chief Peace Officer of Argo City and a childhood friend of Kara Zor-El. She is one of the survivors of the destruction of Krypton. Thara is also the wife of Lir-Al and the mother of two children.


Early life

Thara was born on the planet Krypton and was classmates and best friends with Kara Zor-El since childhood. The two were so close that they could predict each other thoughts.

In the wake of Krypton's destruction, Thara's parents and brother were killed but she survived by seeking refuge in Argo City, a fail-safe built by Zor-El. Afterwards, Thara attended a funeral held for Kara, as the latter was presumed to have died when her pod entered the Phantom Zone. Growing up, she remained close with Kara's mother, Alura Zor-El.

As an adult, Thara entered in law enforcement and became the Chief Peace Officer of Argo City. She eventually married Lir-Al and the couple had two children.[1]

Reuniting with Kara

In spring 2018, Kara, who had been living on Earth, decided to return to Argo City after seemingly defeating Reign and Thara happily reunited with her long-lost friend. The two briefly caught up and Thara was introduced to Kara's companion, Mon-El, whom she helped find a gravity manipulator. Later that day at the marketplace, a construction crane nearly collapsed onto Kara and Mon-El and Thara investigated the scene. She ruled it as an accident, though Kara wasn't convinced.

That night, Thara and Lir-Al had dinner with Kara and Mon-El. After reflecting on her and Kara's school days, Thara and her husband shared a story of how their landscape architect built their gazebo in the wrong direction. Suddenly, Kara ran out of the restaurant and Thara found her accusing Felra, the wife of a grocery store owner, of being responsible for the accident at the marketplace but Felra maintained her innocence. Thara believed her and gently, but firmly, told Kara to calm down and go home, calling it a night.

The next day, Felra was brought to Thara, who discovered that she indeed attacked Kara at the marketplace and did so again at the greenhouse. Shocked and angered, Thara interrogated Felra, demanding to know why she wanted to hurt Kara. Felra revealed she was a priestess of the Children of Juru, led by Selena. Alura then called Kara, Mon-El, and Thara, revealing that the coven stole Kara's ship to travel to Earth.[1]

Thara, Alura, Mon-El, and Kara traveled to Selena's home for answers and found a hidden room filled with artifacts of the old Krypton beliefs, including a book detailing the Worldkillers' creation and the Sword of Juru. They searched for a way to contact the D.E.O. at Earth and Alura discovered a hologram crystal of Selena. The hologram revealed that Reign and Samantha Arias had to be separated in order for Reign to carry out the coven's goal - terraform the Earth into New Krypton, where the old religion of Krypton would prosper. The hologram then activated a bomb. The four of them escaped, but Thara was injured by some debris the explosion. Alura immediately ensured Thara was escorted to safety by a doctor.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: Normally, like all Kryptonians, Thara's capabilities were no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, if she had been charged by the energy of a yellow sun, she would have become able to perform various inhuman feats like Supergirl on Earth. However, this never happened as Thara was never exposed to a sun other than the Kryptonians' natural red one.



Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Thara Ak-Var is Supergirl's childhood friend and the latest incarnation of the Kryptonian hero Flamebird.