"Depressing to think all of my descendants are as crazy as you."
"Oh, no, no, no. No, the Thawne bloodline is chock-full of influential politicians, scientists, captains of industry. Failures such as yourself are just the exception."
—Eddie Thawne and Eobard Thawne[src]

The Thawne family was a distinguished family of politicians, scientists and industrialists that continued to the 22nd century. Due to the actions of Eobard Thawne, a time traveler, 21st century's Eddie Thawne ended his life by committing suicide. This caused a paradox that wiped out all Thawnes that were supposed to come after him.[1]


In the original timeline, the Thawne family, full of distinguished people throughout its history, survived into the 22nd century.

21st century

The earliest known family member was Agnes the grandmother of Eddie Thawne. Mr. Thawne, Eddie's father was a Senator and was presumably a very influential individual being able to close down a factory many people relied on. Eddie Thawne was eventually born and became a Police detective and apparently became a very large failure in his family living a very uneventful life eventually siring a child to continue on the bloodline.

Between Eddie and Eobard, several other Thawnes became influential politicians, decorated scientists, and esteemed captains of industry to a point where their family was chock full of them making the Thawne family legacy a great and well remembered one.

22nd century

Eobard Thawne, a scion of the family, was infatuated with the Flash, a hero of the 21st century, and tried to imitate him, becoming a meta-human speedster. To Eobard's horror, his first attempts at time travel revealed that his fate was to become the Flash's enemy. Angered at his fallen idol, he dedicated his life to becoming the Reverse-Flash, the greatest adversary of the Flash.[2]

Eventually, Eobard decided to stop the Flash from ever being created by killing his younger self. He traveled to the year 2000, followed by the Flash. The hero stopped the Reverse-Flash's plan by getting his younger self from danger. In his anger, the Reverse-Flash took a kitchen knife and killed the Flash's mother, Nora Allen, seeking to traumatize him, so that Barry Allen would never become a hero. It worked too well for Eobard's own liking, as the future Flash disappeared, but so did Eobard's connection to the Speed Force, stranding him in the year 2000, and forcing him to recreate the Flash's origin and ensure that Barry Allen becomes the Flash despite his newfound traumas so that he could return to his time.[3]

Becoming Harrison Wells, Eobard Thawne worked for fifteen years to turn Barry Allen into the Flash, eventually succeeding. His attempts to force Barry to do his bidding and help him return to the world of the 22nd century, however, backfired, with Barry refusing to change his, or Thawne's destiny. Enraged, Eobard threatened to kill off Team Flash, but before he could do so, Eddie Thawne shot himself with a pistol, creating a grandfather paradox that would wipe out the Thawne family that came from Eddie, Eobard included, from history.[1]

After surviving through his family's erasure by traveling through the Speed Force like a bunker when he reversed Flashpoint, Eobard Thawne ended up in a reality, where he existed as a living paradox, while the rest of his family was wiped out from history,[4] prompting him to seek means of altering reality, the Spear of Destiny in particular.[5]

Known family members


  • Agnes (Eddie's grandmother and Eobard's ancestor; status unknown)
  • Mr. Thawne (Eddie's father and Eobard's ancestor; status unknown)
  • Mrs. Thawne (Eddie's mother and Eobard's ancestor; status unknown)
  • Eddie Thawne (Eobard's ancestor; deceased)
  • Esteemed scientists, politicians, and captains of industry (Eddie's descendants and Eobard's ancestors)
  • Eobard Thawne (Agnes and Eddie's descendant)


  • Eddie (Eddie's doppelgänger; presumably)


Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, the Thawne family is ultimately a rival offshoot of the West-Allen family (since the progenitor of the future Thawnes was an Allen baby switched at birth; Malcolm Thawne) the rivalry of which lasted for centuries, both producing speedsters like the Flashes and the Reverse-Flashes, as well as mystical beings like Cobalt Blue.
  • In a deleted scene of "Fast Enough", where during a conversation between Eobard and Joe, Eobard implies to have loved ones in his time period.


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