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The 100 is a gang operating in Freeland.


The 100 occupied Freeland, selling product. Their presence led to many deaths, including 125 in one weekend at a point.[1]

The 100 later made a drug named Green Light. They sold this to the citizens of Freeland, mostly the youth through various sources. Joey Toledo was in charge of selling this drug to the local thugs like Two-Bits.[2]

Following his resurrection, Lala took over The 100, setting up a deal with Steven Conners for the gang to sell other drugs after Green Light was destroyed.[3]

Sometimes later, the A.S.A. made allies with The 100. A.S.A. was working on a project where they turned people of Freeland into meta-humans. To continue their project, they needed Black Lightning alive.[4] So, they asked Tobias Whale, the leader of The 100 to bring Black Lightning to them. Although, Tobias betrayed them and breached the A.S.A. headquarters.[5]

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