The 100 is a gang operating in Freeland led by Latavious Johnson promoting crime.


At the advice of Lady Eve through her minion Destiny, Lala led the 100 in fighting the invading Markovian army.[1]

A year after the War for Freeland, the 100 was in a gang war with the Kobra Cartel. Lala ordered his second-in-command Devonte Jones to separate the drug shipment from the weapons shipment. When the drug shipment arrived, the delivery was raided and destroyed by Thunder and Lightning who fought the gang's members. Later, the lieutenants and Devonte met with Lala who believed that there was an informant in the gang. As Devonte gave each lieutenant a weapon, Lala threatened to kill each man if he did not kill Lightning. Subsequently, the 100 set a trap for the sister Meta-humans; Lightning was shot and knocked unconscious in the battle. While he was home, the lieutenant who successfully shot Lightning was attacked, blinded, and hospitalized by a powerful man.[2]

The 100 entered Ultimate O and began shooting and killing people. Destiny, solo, killed the intruders. In retaliation, the 100 battled the Kobra Cartel in the streets of Freeland; Lightning arrived and the combatants fled. Though Marcel Payton son became a casualty. Later, Blackbird had Lala kidnapped and brought so that him and Destiny could agree that their gangs were not to fight in the park where Freeland's homeless population lived.[3]

While establishing cage fights, Lala confronted a crippled Lydell Jackson about what happened to Marcel Payton's son. As Lydell begs for mercy, Lala shoots him causing a tattoo of his image to manifest on the back of Lala's right hand. Jefferson found out about the cage matches that Marcel has been partaking in and takes part in it where he managed to defeat Behemoth.[4]

Lala's contact in the Freeland Police Department, deputy chief Wesley Robinson, informs Lala about an event in the neutral area that Tobias Whale, Mayor Billy Black, and Ana Lopez will be hosting. When the 100 attacks, Blackbird, Lightning, and Wylde fought them off. Unfortunately, Mayor Black was slain during the attack. What nobody knows is that Tobias Whale secretly had Red kill him for not allowing Garfield High to be demolished.[5]

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Tobias Whale declared that the war with the Kobra Cartel was over when he assumed control from Destiny.[6]

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