The Beatles were a British band.


At some point, the Beatles were formed in Liverpool.

Sometime after this, the Beatles arrived at JFK Airport, marking the start of the British Invasion. The Legends were present at the event to fix an anachronism. While waiting, Ray Palmer and Zari Tarazi had a conversation about the members of the Beatles, but were interrupted by Mick Rory. The anachronistic Paul Revere appeared, but was immediately knocked out by Mick and brought back to 1775, preventing the band from being affected by the presence and actions of Revere.[1]


The Beatles’ music directly inspired Charles Manson to commit some of the most brutal murders in history.[2]

At some point, Billy Joel made The Nylon Curtain, a tribute album to the Beatles.

While a younger version of the Legends were on a mission at Ray's house back in 1988, Zari saw a record of Billy Joel, whom she didn't recognize. Her comment began a musical discussion between Ray and Nate, who mentioned that he considered the musician's The Nylon Curtain album to be super ambitious.[3]

While an even younger version of the Legends were on a mission to rescue a marooned Eve Baxter on her ship, the Acheron, Ray was fixing the Waverider while continually losing his consciousness, and Kendra Saunders tried to keep him up by asking him questions, one of those being his favorite Beatle. She was surprised to hear that he didn't have one as he thought that it wouldn't be fair to the other three.[4]



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