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For the eponymous character, see Martha Kent.
"I know you guys aren't sold, but when you see everyone come together like this, the... the sense of community, it's... it's the best of what Smallville is."
Clark Kent to Jonathan and Jordan

"The Best of Smallville" is the fifth and midseason finale episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the fifth episode overall. It aired on March 23, 2021.



It's Harvest Festival time and Clark is excited. The twins, less, however. At the house, Clark begins to get together his mother's things to give just as make an office for Lois. Chrissy calls then, at that point. Sharon Powell and her child appear at the Gazette. He has a tale about a head injury yet when addressed, he appears to be jittery and apprehensive. Somebody plainly got to them. Commander Luthor shows up in Smallville, having found Lois.

Individuals carry their gifts to the public venue however a great deal of people are battling. Sharon and her child appear and give men's garments, yet Derek isn't OK. He sneaks off to call Leslie Larr disclosing to her something feels off and he out of nowhere impacts laser vision in a reserved alcove in the public venue, setting it burning.

Clark appears at assist with saving firemen at the fire (concealed, obviously). Afterward, Lois examines the fire. Kyle affirms that he saw Derek at the public venue. The Stranger methodologies Lois. He introduces himself as a tech essayist who used to work for Luthorcorp. He says that he came to Smallville for her as he needs to be in Team Lois. He says he thinks he has an approach to peer inside the mines. At the Gazette, Sharon discloses to Chrissy that Derek dumped. Chrissy subtly gets the area of Derek's telephone.

Derek meets with Larr while Chrissy notices. Leslie places Derek in some kind of chamber and Chrissy calls Lois to mention what she has seen.

Sarah requests that Jordan go out with her and, minutes after the fact, Eliza says a final farewell to Jonathan by telephone.

Jordan is amped up for his date with Sarah while Jonathan is severe and needs to return to Metropolis. He has sorted out an entire intend to move in with a companion, yet Clark says no. At the Cushings, Kyle returns home having been drinking. He conflicts with Lana. Sarah remains behind to sit tight for her father to take care of business. At the celebration, Jonathan drinks some liquor with folks from school.

At the celebration, Sarah is late yet she actually appears and as they begin to talk, Jonathan appears plastered to disturb him. Sarah goes off on Jonathan and leaves. Jordan's date is destroyed. The siblings pretty much walk it off.

In the wake of hearing Chrissy's call to Lois, Clark takes off and Superman shows up where Derek and Leslie are, however Derek, presently controlled like Supes, takes off flying himself. A pursuit results, Captain Luthor sets off in pursuit too and discharge a weapon at them. They crash, and when Superman offers to help Derek, he self-burns. Luthor shows up later than expected to get Superman. Clark and Lois attempt to handle what befell Derek and Clark doesn't think it was truly Derek - Derek said he was "revived". Lois realizes it has something to do with the mines.

The city commits a seat to Martha Kent, the seat she generally preferred to sit on. Clark and Lois share a delicate second, that Luthor sees and is resentful about. He was with Lois on his reality.

All scene, Clark has flashbacks to his adolescent years. In one he is preparing for Harvest Festival with youthful Clark attempting to intrigue Lana. He hears a theft in progress and heads off - with a ski cover as an ensemble to stop them. There's another flashback to Clark's childhood, this time with a battle between youthful Clark and his mother. In flashback, Martha gives youthful Clark his sunstone that assists him with sorting out who he truly is and afterward sends him away to really get himself, which is when Clark leaves Smallville interestingly.

Clark requests that Jonathan give Smallville additional time and in the event that it actually doesn't work, they'll think of another arrangement.

Morgan Edge slices a check to supplant the town's lost gifts.

Sarah and Jordan make up yet coming back Jordan is assaulted by an unexpectedly superpowered fellow from school.



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  • The original title of the episode was "The Beacon".[1]
  • The episode's title is a reference to how the citizens of Smallville describe Martha Kent, as memorialized on a park bench outside of the Smallville Gazette.
  • Chrissy Beppo says "That's 50 shades of suspicious", a play on the book Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • In the TV show "Smallville", people repeatedly got their powers through Kryptonite exposure; this episode highlights two people Derek Powell and Tag Harris who did the same.