"The Best of Smallville" is the fifth and midseason finale episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the fifth and most recent episode overall. It aired on March 23, 2021.


As Smallville celebrates its first Harvest Festival since Martha's passing, Clark is reminded what his mother meant to him and learns a lesson that will help him move past her death. Meanwhile, Lois makes a breakthrough in the investigation of Morgan Edge. Lastly, Kyle tries to reconnect with Lana, but it seems like he might be falling back into his old ways.[src]


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The Kent family is working on the farm to prepare for the upcoming Smallville Harvest Festival. Later, the twins go to school, where Jonathan receivs a call from his girlfriend Eliza and she breaks up with him. When they return home, Jordan tells his parents what had happened and Lois goes to console him. Later, Chrissy tells Lois that Sharon Powell is at the Smallville Gazette with her son. Lois arrives and Sharon tells the two that she has given up on the Morgan Edge story.

Lois and Clark sit on the bench after the tribute to Martha, and they are watched over by Luthor who remembers his late wife. At his RV, Luthor breaks his A.I. in a fit of rage. Jordan is walking home from the festival when Tag Harris appears and attacks him, demanding to know what had happened to him.



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  • The original title of the episode was "The Beacon".[1]
    • The title may be a reference to Cobb Branden's granddaughter Kathy Branden, a friend of Jon Kent and known as the superheroine Beacon.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to how the citizens of Smallville describe Martha Kent.


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