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"The Big Finale" is the eighth chapter of the comic book series The Flash: Season Zero, and the eighth and final chapter in the Freak Show arc. It was released digitally on December 15, 2014.


With thousands of innocent lives hanging in the balance, the Flash squares off against Mr. Bliss and his band of circus freaks in one final showdown![1]


After everyone was "whammied" by Mr. Bliss' emotion manipulation, The Flash asked for advice from Dr. Wells on what to do. He suggested getting everyone out of the stadium, and so The Flash began with Iris.

Back in the stadium, the snake woman began to rebel against Mr. Bliss, wrapping her snakes around him. Suddenly, a man threw a spearhead, ripping through a snake, upsetting the woman. As she wept on the ground, the man ran at her with a spearhead, but he was stopped by a snake she sent at him. Mr. Bliss declared that she was no longer welcome, before a group began circling her. The woman's partner, Joey Rose, came up behind and grabbed her while clowns treated her snakes like balloons, tying them in knots. Joey began strangling her, but was quickly stopped by The Flash, who had whisked her to safety. He told Mr. Bliss that the show was over.

Outside, everyone dazed and confused, Eddie Thawne tried to calm everyone down by letting them know he was a police detective, despite having a raging headache himself. Caitlin and Cisco arrived, much to the surprise of Iris. The latter claimed to have been there for the circus.

Back in the stadium, Mr. Bliss' gang started to attack The Flash. However, they were too slow and he was able to lock them all in their own circus cages. Mr. Bliss, however, was knocked out and taken to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Mr. Bliss was kept in the core chamber of the particle accelerator. They explained to Barry that he had two-way glass, so the only person he could actually see was himself, thus not being able to affect anyone. Cisco comforted Caitlin, who was creeped out by their captives, by reasoning that they'd put away 8 criminal clowns. Barry went to talk to Dr. Wells, wishing that Cisco could make his super protein bars taste much better. Dr. Wells acknowledged that he was tired, but rather than call him a freak, as Barry claimed, he believed him to be a hero. Suddenly, Barry was contacted by the CCPD and had to leave.

In the Central City streets, Barry accepted his "freak" status, claiming that it made him special. He came across a man that could freeze things with a gun, and had already frozen a number of CCPD police.