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"Alex, when I left the D.E.O, I was lost too, but you came to me at a real low point. You reminded me that sometimes it takes a while to grow into the new version of yourself. It's a process Alex. Today's the first day. Give yourself time to recalibrate, and in the meantime just know that we all have your back."
J'onn to Alex on the process after leaving the D.E.O.

"The Bodyguard" is the fourteenth episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-first episode overall. It aired on March 8, 2020.



Andrea Rojas

Andrea Rojas

On her way to work, Alex is discussing what to do now that she has quit the D.E.O.; Lex even forced her to give up the gun she stole from Maaldoria. She is accompanied by Kelly and Kara and are soon met up with Nia. Kelly and Alex quickly make their escape when they see William walking towards them with coffee. He greets both of his colleagues respectively, having bought them their preferred choice of coffee. They enter work together, and are watching Andrea's promotional video for her upcoming release on her Obsidian North lenses. She instructs her staff to cover her business' Obsidian North's launch that is being heavily promoted everywhere. After giving everyone their assigned tasks, Andrea Rojas heads back to her other office but her elevator is physically damaged as the cabin is forced down towards the ground, from an inhuman purple energy. She is saved in time by Supergirl. The two discuss what just happened, and Andrea retells her side of the story and what she saw; Supergirl promises to look into the situation. But Andrea insists that her launch will continue forward.

Lena is in her laboratory conducting more research projects, this time between an alien creature and a small dog. After dosing them with Q-Waves the two are able to easily commingle. She is interrupted by her brother Lex, who has happily arranged human volunteer trials for the next stages of testing. Hesitantly, she agrees to go down to their family owned prison to greet them. When she arrives at the police station she is greeted by Steve Lomeli and personally witnesses him being physically and verbally abused by much larger inmates. After everyone is lined up and willingly subjected to Lena’s experiment she is pleasantly surprised that the former bully who had been picking on Steve has now had a notable personality change and even invites his former victim to have lunch together. She continues to monitor their behaviour, but sees nothing but positive results so far. However, hours later, Steve begins to show signs of negative personality change; it is immediately accompanied by crippling pain that leaves him unconscious and hospitalized. He eventually wakes up and immediately begs Lena to change him back, as his pain is worse than any physical beating he ever received at the hands of the other inmates, severely regretting his choice to trust her.

Lex makes a business proposal to Gemma

Lex meets with Gemma.

Meanwhile Lex has another in-person meeting with the new D.E.O. director, Querl Dox, who continues to keep him apprised of all relative information. He is informed of the attempted attack on Andrea earlier, and decides to personally look into the matter. He tracks down Gemma Cooper at her work, and offers his services and the personal protection of Supergirl. Gemma is debating whether or not to take him up on his offer, but he insists Supergirl will not fail, and, with the entire world watching so closely, Leviathan does not need more eyes on them. Gemma agrees, but insists if Supergirl fails, the fallback will lie with him.

Supergirl is unimpressed when Lex orders her to personally protect her boss, Andrea before the launch of her VR lenses. She is confused in his personal interest in such a random issue, but he insists Andrea is the future and he is all about protecting the future. Reluctantly, Supergirl agrees to be Andrea's bodyguard for the day. The team also discusses who her possible attacker could be, and Brainy suggests xxx. Andrea, who already had zero expectations of stepping down from the limelight before her launch, is ecstatic to have Supergirl by her side for protection, even taking a quick selfie before posting it. Andrea steps away to greet an old friend, and Supergirl is greeted by William who has chosen, in spite of the danger, to follow Andrea around as he believes she is doing positive work for the world. Kara is slightly hesitant of William being there for the entire day. While Andrea is conducting another interview, they both watch from the sidelines, and Supergirl begins to see a softer side to him that she appears to like. The conversation is cut when Supergirl jumps into action to again save Andrea from the mysterious purple energy. Supergirl insists they both go into hiding and Andrea refuses, saying everything she has worked for and sacrificed so many parts of her life, including how much work and effort her own father put into it before he passed. Moved by her plea, Supergirl agrees to continue and allow them into the public, but insists that if there is any more danger, she is immediately evacuating them both. Andrea agrees to her terms.

At the request of Supergirl, J'onn and Alex began looking into what possibly could have attacked Andrea in her elevator. They head down to the alien bar and greet their old friend Harry. He disagrees with Brainy's assumption about the attacks being from xxx, as they are a very peaceful race, he points them in the direction of an alien at the bar, his hesitant to talk as Alex, because she's personally arrested him before. J'onn promises they only want information, he reluctantly informs them what he knows, and instructs them to look into the alien Todd Sapphire who is a Chlorophillian. Alex calls Brainy to ask for a favor and use DEO resources in order to track down a location. Brainy is forced to lie as he does not want them crossing paths with what Lex is doing behind the scenes, he insists the house address is vacant and no one in the area has that name or matches their description. Having nothing else to do they both decide to head out there anyway. Meanwhile, Brainy’s conscience is beginning to weigh on him, he decides to reason his fears and conducts a conversation with one of his alternate selves. They agree what he is doing is for the betterment of the future, and though his friendships will suffer, it is for the greater good.

Amy Sapphire

Amy Sapphire

Supergirl continues to follow Andrea around on her press tour. While Alex and J'onn arrive at the address to find an old abandoned barn. However they are soon attacked by its residents, and Alex was unable to use her weapon, and J'onn is left incapacitated due to the large fire and his alien weakness. Alex immediately calls out to Supergirl for help. Supergirl who is still at a press briefing, immediately flies Andrea to the safe spot at the DEO much do her surprised anger, and locates her sister and friend in the barn, putting out the fire in seconds and ensuring their safety. They confirm that they believed the alien race that was attacking them, are being mind controlled by a third-party. While looking over the destroyed evidence they find what appears to be a suicide letter, and are able to connect the dots, that it is his devastated wife, Amy Sapphire who is causing the chaos. She has entered and taken over CatCo Worldwide Media with explosives, demanding everyone evacuate. William refuses but is forced down at gunpoint by her. Supergirl arrives and they both attack each other. Amy is preparing to shut down and destroy everything related to the VR lenses. Brainy is contacted and attempts to override the system. However, it can no longer be disabled and must be manually typed in at CatCo. Andrea demands to be allowed to come with him, but Brainy refuses. She is physically locked up for her own protection but is able to escape with her undiscovered powers to transport herself to the control rooms with Brainy. He is extremely surprised to see her there, but she blows over his question to enter her killed code. However it is of no use as they have been changed. Inside the power plant, Supergirl is eventually able to talk the devastated widow down, her only goal was to stop others from the same self-destructive behavior as her husband.

After trying to work out what went wrong, Lena is able to tweak her work on the Q-waves to better fit Steve’s personality. As he was never hostile, he should have never been given that exact dose, instead it should have been altered for his kinder and less aggressive personality. She meets up with Lex back at her laboratory, and he congratulates her on a job well done.

Alex vents her frustration about not working at the D.E.O. anymore and how useless she feels. J'onn presents her with a Martian weapon, that can physically turn itself into anything. Alex and Kara meet each other up at her apartment over food, and after being pushed by her sister, Kara goes to find William, who is still at work even amongst the destruction. She acknowledges she pushed him away before but is willing to go on a date with him.

At the D.E.O., Brainy and Lex have one more conversation. He discovers Lex orchestrated offense in order to get in good with Gemma in order to get closer to Leviathan. Lex has one last meeting with Gemma inside her limo, insisting he only wants to be friends, in hopes that she would introduce them to the rest of her friends. Everything he is orchestrated has been to find out more information about Leviathan.



Special guest starring[]

Guest starring[]



  • The episode's title may be a reference to the 1992 film of the same name.
  • Nia likes sugar free vanilla lattes. While Kara likes lattes that are double caff, double foam with Carmel and mocha.
  • Lex comments to Lena "They think you've turned into me. Or at least mother." Clearly showing he thinks Lillian is better than Lena, given she takes the middle ground between the two siblings ideals.


  • The passage from the manifesto read by Andrea does not actually appear in the manifesto itself. Additionally, the manifesto contains a grammar error in the fourth paragraph, where it is written that "technology is a strong social force than the aspiration for freedom," using the word "strong" instead of "stronger."