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"The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem" is the fifth episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the eighteenth episode overall. It aired on November 13, 2018.




Peter Gambi is enjoying a night out in Freeland when his car is attacked. Gambi's vehicle is bulletproof but the continued attack eventually wears down its defenses and causes Gambi to crash and he is seemingly killed. Bill Henderson visits Jefferson Pierce to break the news. While Anissa wants to start grieving, Jefferson is adamant that Gambi is fine since he knows that Gambi has back-up plans for everything. Anissa believes he is in denial.

As Jefferson begins investigating who attacked Gambi, Anissa is offered a job at the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic. One of her first patients is a pregnant woman named Anaya. While examining her, she notes that Anaya's boyfriend, Deacon, is acting strangely and constantly looking out the windows.

Now able to move openly around Freeland, Tobias Whale begins to use the contents of Martin Proctor's briefcase by using blackmail material to take control of city councilman Kwame Parker.

Anissa and Grace after they had sex for the first time.png

Grieving for Gambi, Anissa spends the night with Grace Choi. In the morning, Grace believes that it was a mistake. Noticing spots developing on her body, Grace hides them from Anissa and takes some pills to make them disappear.

At a press conference, Councilman Parker announces an anonymous donor has come forward to buy the Free Clinic. When pressed by reporters with speculation that the anonymous benefactor is Tobias Whale, Parker refuses to comment on it.

At the clinic, Deacon comes in and begs Anissa to save Anaya's unborn child before collapsing and dying. As the police arrive and investigate, Anissa and Henderson watch as a metal-like substance seeps out of Deacon's body. Anissa takes a sample for study.


At the A.S.A., Dr. Helga Jace convinces Lynn Stewart that she has a way to cure all of the Green Light children at once despite initial tests saying there is only a fifty percent chance of success. When the procedure is attempted, half of the subjects die. Jace tells Lynn that she intentionally lied to her so that they would save half the children because Lynn was not willing to accept any other outcome. Lynn orders security to take Jace away.

Anissa and Jefferson have a heart to heart where he seemingly accepts that Gambi is dead. Anissa's investigations tell her that Deacon is from South Freeland. Driving out there, she is stopped by Sheriff Clark. As he questions her, Anissa sees something crawling under his skin and drives off.



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