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"The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange" is the seventh episode of the second season of Black Lightning, and the twentieth episode overall. It aired on November 27, 2018.



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Black Lightning follows the Element and finds Perdi bodies strung up in the woods. Encountering a trio of Sange, Black Lightning fights them but runs low on power and is knocked out and captured. At Looker's lair, she begins to torture him for information on the location of the second baby by using electricity, not realizing that his power is natural to him and not a product of the suit he wears. Looker receives a vision through the Element sample in Anissa's possession about the location of the baby and leaves, ordering her Sange to continuing electrocuting Jefferson until he is dead.

Jennifer talks with Perenna about Khalil who advises her to follow her heart. Khalil attempts to warn Reverend Jeremiah Holt about Tobias Whale again, and as he leaves the church, Khalil is confronted by Tobias. Khalil flees and calls Jennifer.

The Sange believe they have killed Jefferson, but the electricity merely restored his power levels. Breaking free, Jefferson takes out the Sange and rescues the other child and heads towards Freeland. On the way, he finds the drone that Peter Gambi used to help him in the fight against the Sange in the woods and discovers a live transmitter. Jefferson leaves the baby with Bill Henderson for safety once he reaches Freeland.

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Looker arrives with a group of Sange at the abandoned mall where Anissa is hiding with Anaya and the baby. Anissa fights off the group until Jefferson arrives to help. Anissa strikes Looker, impaling her on a wall hook. The Element bleeds out of her, relinquishing her control over the Sange. Anissa decides to hand Looker over to the A.S.A.

Khalil hides from Tobias' men and is saved when Jennifer causes a power outage to cover his escape. She reveals her powers to him and they go on the run. Anissa delivers Anaya and the babies back to South Freeland where they learn her mother has been killed. Jefferson tracks Gambi down to a motel and they have an emotional reunion. When the Pierces find that Jennifer is missing, they confront Perenna about it who tells them that she doesn't know where Jennifer is, but that it involved a boy.



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